235 years without inspection – three-quarters of English schools downgraded by Ofsted!

May 6, 2022
Up to date school inspections are vital to upholding education standards for students, yet Schools Week shared that schools across England were ‘not inspected for a combined 235 years, with many schools previously ranked as ‘outstanding’ being downgraded upon Ofsted inspection.
Readers of Liverpool Echo have voiced their concerns over the further ramifications this will cause as over the decade there have been advances in technology, curriculum and education policies. Renowned educationalist, John Hattie, questioned the value of Ofsted observations and called for greater focus placed on the student experience. Hattie believes that Ofsted “does not care about learning and England’s education system rewards schools that do not have the best learning environment”. 
This is not an issue that is specific to England as data recently obtained has shown that almost “1,000 schools in Scotland have not been inspected for nearly a decade”. Member of the Scottish Parliament, Oliver Mundell, expressed his concern stating that these figures are deeply concerning for parents, pupils and teachers.”
So, where do we go from here? What is the best learning environment and how do we maintain high standards? The pandemic has shown us a new style of working, where the need for a physical classroom has become less essential and students can retain 25% to 60% more information when learning online, which can be beneficial for companies looking to invest in their employees, as well as the student themself. 
Virtual education has shown promise with accessibility and monitorisation making it easy for inspection. With Times Higher Education covering the rise of online learning and Oxford College providing their reasons why to learn virtually, there is no denying the push for the education sector to keep up with the virtual times. 
Our fully remote Academy programme celebrates virtual learning and has been endorsed by the ISP and our syllabus is regularly updated to maintain industry standards. 
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