3 ways SaaS companies can use AI to boost growth

Dec 15, 2021

AI doesn’t have to be scary. In fact, it’s here to help your SaaS business make improvements across the board. Let’s find out more.

As we mentioned in our article ‘Top 5 SaaS and sales trends for 2022’, artificial intelligence (AI) is already everywhere and it’s only getting more prevalent. We use it every day in our homes with our Alexa devices; our phones give us AI on the move, while your tech tools use AI to help you work smarter. 

For SaaS companies, AI can help you make improvements across almost every aspect of your business. In this article, we’ll look at three ways you can use AI to boost your growth. Let’s go!


1 – Create a better product

One of the most effective ways to grow your customer base is to create a better product that users love and can’t resist telling their network about. AI can help you do just that.

AI can analyse vast amounts of data quickly. With it, it’s simple to monitor the way your users use your product and create new features that give them exactly what they want, or streamline it by removing features that your customers don’t use. You can also segment your user base and offer personalised features at scale – something that today’s SaaS users demand.

Another way AI can help improve your SaaS product is by making it more secure. AI enables you to be more proactive with your cybersecurity, monitoring suspicious behaviour patterns and quickly detecting malware or other threats. You have an obligation to keep your customers’ data secure – and AI helps you achieve that.

All in all, AI helps you stay one step ahead of your competitors and give your customers the best user experience possible.


2 – Win new customers more effectively

In a competitive marketplace, AI can help you target the right people and win more deals. 

AI-powered data platforms can help you create lists that match your ideal customer profile (ICP), with up-to-the-minute contact details, including email addresses and mobile numbers. When you design a narrow list of prospects with similar pain points, it’s easier to craft a message that resonates and positions your product as the solution. In addition, because your contact details are up-to-date, your salespeople won’t waste time trying to call prospects that don’t exist anymore.

AI-powered sales enablement platforms help your sales team perform better, with features like lead scoring that help you prioritise your resources. You can also use AI to automate manual admin tasks, so your salespeople can do what they do best – building relationships with customers. AI-powered analytics helps you produce reports and forecasts more accurately, providing insights you can use to improve your sales processes.

Quite simply, AI lets you sell smarter. SaaS companies can harness it to stay ahead of the pack and go to market with precision.


3 – Engage with your customers more deeply

Once you have turned your prospects into customers, AI can solidify that relationship. 

The first thing AI can do is help your new customers get to grips with your product and quickly get the most from it. You can use AI to create onboarding programmes that give new users the knowledge they need to get started. Then, once they’re up and running, AI is excellent at providing recommendations for users to help them navigate their way around your SaaS tool.

If your users run into trouble, AI can be the solution. For example, you can create chatbots that answer all your users’ questions. What’s more, chatbots speak multiple languages, work 24/7/365 and are always available, unlike your human support staff!

Finally, you can use AI to monitor the way your users behave when they’re on your SaaS platform. You can see which features they get the most from and which ones they don’t use at all. With this information, you can take a proactive approach to support and create better outcomes for you and your customers. This kind of approach is like gold dust when it’s time for them to renew their account with you.


AI is the game-changer

As you can see, AI can help you improve results across the board in your SaaS business. It enables you to create a better product, win more deals and treat your customers better. In addition, due to the nature of AI and machine learning, AI actually becomes more effective the more you use it. If you’re not using AI to its full potential in your SaaS company, you could be missing out.

A great way to make a start in the world of AI is by placing chatbots on your website that engage with new visitors, answer their questions and promote your solution. Many SaaS companies find chatbots to be effective at generating new leads that their salespeople can target. Try it and see! 


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