4 ways Customer Success Managers go the extra mile for their customers

Feb 22, 2022

What makes an excellent Customer Success Manager? It’s all about the big picture. Let’s find out more.

In an earlier article, we showed you that if you’re an SDR looking to take the next step, the role of Customer Success Manager could be a great option. In this article, we’ll look at how you can be an excellent Customer Success Manager (CSM). While it’s essential that you fulfil your day-to-day responsibilities, the best CSMs keep in touch with the big picture and the overarching goal of customer-centricity.


Relationships matter

In SaaS sales, creating a long-lasting relationship with your customer is the key to growing revenue. The challenge is getting them to renew year after year, ideally adding more and more to their package. However, if you can grow that relationship and keep your customers happy, the upside is massive.

The stats bear this out:

  • It costs 5x more to win a new customer than keep hold of an existing one
  • Increasing customer retention by just 5% can raise profits by 25-95%
  • Happy customers are 4-7x likely to forgive mistakes, renew, try new offerings and refer you to their network

It’s why SaaS organisations invest in Customer Success teams that focus exclusively on existing customers rather than new buyers. Customer Success Managers are essential once a customer signs on the dotted line, helping them with onboarding and getting the most value from their purchase. But, at renewal time, the CSM is worth their weight in gold.

Now, let’s look at four ways you can go the extra mile for your customers as a Customer Success Manager.


1 – Put the customer first, every time

When you’re a Customer Success Manager, the customer should be front and centre of everything you do. Everything you do should start with the question, ‘Will this help the customer?’ 

The best CSMs act as the voice of the customer in their organisation. You can also leverage your customer relationships to help your sales team know what really wows users, so they can focus on those aspects with prospects. When your customers know that you have their best interests at heart, they will respond by helping you out when you need it – at renewal time.


2 – Keep your customers updated, even when it’s hard

It’s easy to call a customer tell them about an impressive new feature you’ve added, or a special discount you’re offering on a new product, for example. The hard calls are when there’s bad news, like delays to new offerings or, even worse, a data breach. The best Customer Success Managers treat good and bad calls the same, talking in a straightforward way with confidence.

Customers appreciate this way of doing business. They’d rather know about bad news early than find out about it when it’s too late. Being upfront helps build trust, which will serve you well when it’s time to renew contracts.

Further to this, when a customer has a question of any kind, the best CSMs will get back to them with an answer as quickly as possible. Keeping customers hanging on is a sure-fire way to sour a relationship. 


3 – Do what you say

Underpromising and overdelivering is one of the oldest tricks in the sales book. You always want your customer to be pleasantly surprised by how you treat them, even if it’s totally normal for you. In Customer Success, it’s a bit different. Overdelivery should be your standard. 

The key here is honesty and accountability. As mentioned in the previous section, be as upfront as you can about everything – and if you say you’ll do something, do it.

As a CSM, you don’t just want to be the primary point of contact in your organisation. You want to be the first thing the customer thinks of when they think about your product. After all, your customer can probably find a similar product somewhere else, but can they find your level of service?


4 – Get to know them, personally

The best Customer Success Managers know how to build personal relationships with their customers. They know how to strike a balance between being unapproachable and coming on too strong. Over time, you give a little bit more with each interaction – and a long-lasting relationship grows from there.

As well as getting to know them on a personal level, you need to understand them on a business level too. As a CSM, you need to know their business goals and the part your product plays in achieving them. As you help them hit their targets, it brings more trust into the relationship.

Emotional intelligence is one of the critical attributes of an excellent Customer Success Manager. If you can understand your customers on multiple levels, acting with empathy and honesty, you’ll reap the rewards. 


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