Adidas sports bra advert

May 12, 2022

Adidas stands by it. The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority banned it. 

Adidas’ latest campaign is causing a stir in the advertising community. The sports bra advert featured photographs of bare breasts and has been banned for showing “explicit nudity”. Adidas’ aim was to “show just how diverse breasts are“. The advert featured dozens of women of various skin colours, shapes and sizes in celebration of embracing diversity and inclusion and the “reasons [they] didn’t make just one new sports bra”. 

The Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) on the other hand found the advert “likely to cause widespread offence” and following 24 complaints including comments that the advert was ‘gratuitous‘ and ‘reduced women to body parts‘ decided to ban the advert. ASA made a pact in 1961 to “[protect] consumers” and “[test] claims” and since has revealed, “that more than 97% of ads are in line with the Advertising Codes.”

Getting advertisements right is tricky. Having a talented commercial team who is able to sell your brand message in a favourable, yet ethical way is vital to success. 

At SaaSLeads, we believe in having a diverse and inclusive workforce as well as maintaining ethical standards. We are committed to attracting a “diverse group of people to grow with SaaSLeads” and we are endorsed by Institute of Sales who promotes highest ethical standards

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