Building Springpod a target smashing SDR team in 4 months

Sep 7, 2021

“In order to drastically increase the amount of conversations we were having we got in contact with SaaSLeads.”
– Alex Rossi, Head of Partnerships at Springpod


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At first glance
Industry: EdTech
Headcount: 70
Location: UK
Investment: Series A
Required SDRs: 7
Time to ramp: 4 months


About Springpod

Springpod is on a mission to change the lives of one million young people in two years. The careers enablement platform is doing this by giving people access to life-changing experiences – such as virtual work experience, degree taster courses, higher education apprenticeships, and virtual events with employers and education providers.

Why SaaSLeads?

Springpod Partnerships team needed to build relationships with a wide variety of partners;

  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Businesses

Alex, Head of Partnerships at Springpod, knew this meant drastically increasing the number of conversations
Springpod were having and converting them into partners, so he got in touch with SaaSLeads. Springpod were not only looking for confident and skilled SDRs, they also needed people who were passionate about Springpod’s mission and could be embedded into the organisation quickly. Here at SaaSLeads we have a proven track record of doing just that.

The Challenge

Few demographics have been hit harder by the pandemic than young people. Successive lockdowns denied them
access to traditional opportunities and employment right when they needed them most. That’s, in part, why demand for Springpod’s virtual experiences skyrocketed.

Springpod briefed us on their ideal candidate profile inline with their company culture. With our extensive University partnerships we were able to supply Springpod with a suite of candidates that fit their brief.

After meeting a selection of candidates Springpod were confident they had found individuals that were able to succeed in their organisation. Four standout candidates were agreed to be onboarded onto the SaaSLeads Academy.


“The Academy is not just another training programme, it’s real training with a structured outcome. The culture, community and atmosphere really fostered my personal and professional development. ” -Brendan, SDR, at Springpod


High performing, culturally aligned employees

During the Academy, through a blend of hands on learning and best practice theory, the Students learnt core sales skills including;

  • How to prospect
  • How to build ideal customer profile
  • How to manage pipeline
  • How to match challenges to the Springpod solution

As the Academy continued the Students began to embed themselves in the Partnerships team and deliver meaningful results in a few short weeks.

We were delighted to see that Springpod hired all 7 SDRs full time.

The results

  • 54 meetings booked by SDRs
  • Hit 100% of Target Markets
  • Response rate of 30% on average
  • 682 prospect calls per month
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