Cloud Elements

Mar 8, 2021

Denver, Colorado, USA

In 2018, the Cloud Elements BD team, based in Denver, Colorado was struggling to generate qualified leads for our Account Executives in Europe. With the advent of GDPR, a lack of knowledge of the local territories, we knew we needed help.

We reached out to Will to see what could be done and by January 2019 we became a customer of his at

Before even reaching out to the first prospect, Will spent a great deal of time understanding the Cloud Elements value proposition, our Ideal Customer Profile, our existing customers, what was going right and what was going wrong. His level of attention to detail and his ability to connect with all the relevant stakeholders across Sales, Marketing, Product here and in Europe, across all levels of seniority without assistance was impressive.

A great amount of time was spent creating a solid database of good fit prospects which we didn’t have due to GDPR. Once all was ready and cadences were created we started to see the results come in.

  • Q1 Lead Target Achieved 100%
  • Pipeline generated $1.7m hit 100% of their first quarter target

In the first Quarter the hit 100% of their target. In Q2 they made it clear that they wanted to improve on this and with a few tweaks of their baseline strategy they were able to deliver 168% of their target in Q2. Generating over $1.7 million of pipeline in the first 6 months.

Quality Lead Generation

The Leads generated are of excellent quality including a number of well known Banks & successful scale ups in SaaS and Fintech.

Not only have they been able to deliver above target, they also have represented Cloud Elements at multiple events across Europe. As well as reporting insightful information and consultation to our senior leadership team at HQ, defining our ‘go to market’ strategy for Fintech in the UK and Europe.

“We consider Will & to be a great asset to Cloud Elements and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their service to any Technology organisation looking to expand into the UK and Europe.”

About Cloud Elements:
Cloud Elements is an API integration platform. Their Elements – which are app connectors – connect you to the ecosystem of applications that your customers and partners rely on everyday.

Underneath our catalog of more than 200 Elements, you’ll find an entire platform that you can embed into your product to go beyond just connecting, and instead truly integrate and synchronize data between applications.

Cloud Elements is headquartered in Denver, CO, but serves customers worldwide. More information can be found at

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