Graduate Case Study – Aleksandra Gromul – SDR at Omnipresent

Sep 6, 2021

‘The SaaSLeads Academy showed me how to overcome my fears.’


Aleksandra Gromul is a recent graduate from the SaaSLeads Academy. She is now starting her SaaS sales career as an SDR at Omnipresent, where she booked seven meetings just last month. We sat down with Aleksandra to talk about her experiences at the Academy.



Hi Aleksandra. Let’s start at the beginning. How did you come to be at the SaaSLeads Academy?

I was in contact with Brian (Brian Meta, Head of Sales), and he offered me the chance to do the internship with the SaaSLeads Academy. I thought it was a great opportunity. It looked like a good training programme, so I thought, why not give it a try?

I hadn’t been interested in sales before, but I was curious about it. I ended up loving it!


How would you describe the Academy to someone thinking of signing up?

I’d say it was a great opportunity, definitely worth trying. It’s a friendly environment where you’ll make connections that open doors for you. The people I met there were a real inspiration.

If you sign up, be positive and be patient. Results won’t come after just one day. You have to wait a little, but they will come.



What were the main skills you learned at the Academy?

I think it’s the ability to speak to people. I used to be scared to talk to people I thought were, like, professional people. But now I know they’re human, and they’re not going to bite!


That must be helpful outside of sales too. There must have been other opportunities for personal development?

Definitely. Before I joined SaaSLeads, I struggled with my self-confidence. The first few days there were very scary for me, especially not knowing anyone or what it was all about. But I quickly learned that you shouldn’t be scared. They showed me how to overcome my fears. 



What was your favourite part of the programme?

I enjoyed the whole process. It was great interacting with the other SDRs and the teachers. It was quite stressful at times because you want to do well, but interacting made it better.

The guest speakers were great. Jack Oly is one that stands out. He’s an Olympic athlete, but he’s also struggled with his mental health. I feel like mental health is something that isn’t addressed as much as it should be, so it was interesting to hear how he overcame his challenges.


Can you talk about a time where you stepped out of your comfort zone?

One of my first calls was with a Chief Financial Officer. While he wasn’t rude, his attitude wasn’t what I thought it would be. There was a bit of confrontation.

So, I tried not to panic and tried to think of a way to convince him. It actually went very well. In the end, he booked a meeting!

At least it’s better than another call I made where the other person told me to get a job that is legal!


Summing up

If you could change one thing in your job, what would it be?

It would be good to get rid of the stigma around being in sales, to make young people look at working in sales in a different way. The skills you gain from being an SDR are beneficial for any sort of role you would like to do in the future.


Finally, can you sum up your SaaSLeads Academy experience in three words?

Fantastic. Fun. Challenging.


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