Graduate Case Study – Andrew Kim – SDR at Just Eat for Business

Mar 29, 2022

‘The SaaSLeads Academy was a breath of fresh air.’


Andrew Kim is a recent graduate from the SaaSLeads Academy. He’s now starting his SaaS sales career at Just Eat for Business. We sat down with Andrew to talk about his experiences at the Academy.


Discovering the Academy

Hi Andrew. Let’s start at the beginning. What were you doing before joining the SaaSLeads Academy? How did you get started there?

Before SaaSLeads, I worked in hospitality. I was a supervisor, so I learned a bit about management. But I felt that I’d obtained everything I could out of hospitality, and I also wanted to utilise my degree in English, so I needed a new challenge.

Sales was always in the back of my mind. Of course, we all know about the stigma around being a salesperson – but that word ‘commission’ lured me in! My friend had been in the SaaSLeads Academy, and he reached out to me, saying that if I were going to leave hospitality, sales would be a great opportunity.

My first interview was with Laith and was very informal. They arranged another interview with Polina very quickly, which I appreciated. Then, they set me up with Just Eat for Business. It was a very meticulous, 4-stage interview process – the hardest job interview I’ve ever had. I could see that they didn’t just want someone who would work hard; they wanted someone aligned with their culture. 



How did you find the Academy?

Honestly, it was slightly reminiscent of when I first started university. There’s that fresh energy. You’re in a cohort of like-minded individuals with something that had brought you there together. Actually, it was a breath of fresh air – and a huge difference from hospitality!

Having a dedicated coach for the first six weeks was a huge benefit. It helps when you can build a relationship and have someone you can confide in, someone who is literally there to promote your success.

I distinctly remember a session with one of the guest speakers, Harry Hudson (from Salesloft). It was really insightful, giving a new perspective to those who had no idea what to expect.


What skills do you think you gained during your time at the Academy?

They gave me the ability to do my job – the theoretical approach and the structure of sales.

I would also say the Academy helped me refine some of the skills I already had. For example, persistence. Life is a struggle at times, and this role imitates life with those ups and downs. 


Looking ahead

So now you’re an SDR placed full-time with a tech company. How’s it going?

To be honest, I’m still settling in. It’s still all a bit surreal. They integrate you very gradually with the company. Now, I’m looking forward to really committing to the business. 

I was looking for a new challenge, and I believe that this has opened up a gateway of opportunity. Now, I must assert myself in the best way possible in the new role.


Do you see sales as a long-term career?

Yes. I’m starting at the entry-level, committing myself and showing that willingness to learn. I’m definitely hoping to climb up that corporate ladder.


Thanks Andrew. Finally, can you sum up your SaaSLeads Academy experience in three words?

Engaging, educational, challenging.


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