Graduate Case Study – Gus Branth – SDR at Springpod

Aug 2, 2021

‘It’s not just about results. The SaaSLeads Academy wants you to do better for you!’ 


Gus Branth is a new graduate from the SaaSLeads Academy. He is now starting his SaaS sales career as an SDR at Springpod, where he has already booked 14 meetings. We sat down with Gus to talk about his experiences at the Academy.


Discovering the Academy

Hi Gus. Let’s start at the beginning. How did you find out about the SaaSLeads Academy?

I was stuck. I’d just finished my degree in Philosophy and Theology. I was about to start a job in Hong Kong, but it fell through. Then, COVID came, and I had a really tough time finding work. 

I’d always been interested in sales, so I started firing off some applications for sales jobs. Gradfuel set me up with Laith (Laith Azzee, SDR Team Lead at and things went from there. I did some interviews and assessments, plus a meeting with Springpod, which put me on the spot a bit.


How would you describe the Academy to someone thinking about signing up?

It’s a great mixture of learning and experiencing. The Academy gives you the tools and techniques to succeed. They don’t throw you in at the deep end, so when it’s time to start reaching out, you’ve got confidence.

It’s also a really supportive network. They encourage you and want you to develop. It really helped my mindset. I think that’s the difference between the Academy and training at a company – they want you to do better for your own sake, rather than just for results.



What were the main skills you developed at the Academy?

Tactical sales skills. I’ve always loved a chat, and I thought that sales would be a lot of talking to people. However, I learned that a good salesperson is a good listener. So I’ve finally learned to listen!

That must be helpful outside of sales too. There must have been other opportunities for personal development?

Definitely. I learned a lot about validation. It’s very easy to generate validation through your results. But, the SaaSLeads Academy showed me that you could be proud of your input, whether or not the results come straight away. It’s all about what you do, not what you get out of it. 



What was your favourite part of the programme?

Since I’ve left, I find I really miss the morning and afternoon meetings with the team. It’s great to check in and celebrate wins. When you book a meeting, everyone is genuinely happy.

You must have some funny stories?

My first call was unbelievable. I was petrified, but I did my research and made the call. I thought I was calling this lady who had been in her job for 16 years – a veteran. I launched into my pitch immediately and she stopped me. She said, ‘Oh I’m sorry honey, I think someone’s been pulling your leg.’ It turned out she was 74 and had been retired for nine years! My research had definitely gone wrong somewhere!


Summing up

If you could make one rule that everyone had to follow in the workplace, what would it be?

Four day weeks are the future. You’re more productive when you’re well-rested.

Finally, can you sum up your SaaSLeads Academy experience in three words?

Authentic. Entertaining. Engaging,


Find out more

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