Graduate case study – Isaac Kneller – SDR at Landmark Global

Feb 16, 2022

“SaaSLeads allowed me to work remotely and be paid to train which meant trying sales had no risk.”


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Isaac Kneller is a graduate of the SaasLeads Academy. He is now starting his sales career as an SDR at Landmark Global, where he is already booking meetings. Isaac grew up in Oxfordshire and sings in an acapella choir in his spare time. He studied Liberal Arts at university, with a major in Modern Languages and a minor in English Literature. Sales wasn’t the natural career path for him, but with sales, he found a career filled with opportunities and freedom. 


The stigma of sales 

“No one tells you about sales as a career path at university, perhaps due to the stigma around sales, but we just have to break that stigma.” 

Sales isn’t trying to sell people things they don’t want or need, instead you are selling things that have a purpose. It’s about finding partnerships that benefit each other. People are busy and they don’t have time to seek out every new product. 


The road that led to SaaSLeads 

Issac wanted an interactive career, where he had the opportunity to make the most of his foreign languages – English, French, German and Italian. He stumbled across SaaSLeads and he was happy to find he didn’t need any sales experience and could work remotely.


Life at the academy 

SaaSLeads was a great experience. The academy accommodates various learning styles and there are different resources, so you’ll find something that will help you. Issac recalls having more autonomy in how he structured his day, which meant he had time to take his dog out for a walk. 

A particular highlight was the morning and afternoon sessions where he picked up tips from his fellow cohort and saw how everyone was progressing. It was a supportive environment, where everyone would help each other and grow together. 


Is a career in sales really that fantastic?  

Sales gave Isaac the remit to overcome the nervousness of reaching out to new people and he now loves getting to meet people and form connections. People say working in sales positively affects how they act in their personal lives, as you listen more and Isaac certainly noticed this shift. 

With sales, your role has an impact and you are directly driving the success of the company, as well as other businesses too.

What’s next

Isaac is already enjoying work-related travel with an upcoming trip to Belgium in the calendar. 

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