Graduate Case Study – Jack Vesztrocy – SDR at

Dec 20, 2021

“I have absolutely fallen in love with sales. Even at its hardest points I still love what I do.”



Christmas pantos and graduation 

Jack Vesztrocy hit the ground running during the SaaSLeads Academy and booked 12 meetings despite missing the last two weeks – quite impressive. As a kid, Jack dreamt of a career in sales. Both his parents worked in the field and he has fond memories of going into the office at Christmas and watching the panto. 

At University Jack knew his heart was set on a career in sales, but after graduation he found it difficult to find a role. After his first interview with SaaSLeads, he knew it was a great pathway into the industry and he’s now an SDR on the SaaSLeads team.  


The reality of sales 

Growing up Jack had an idea of what a career in sales would look like, but in reality he struggled with his time management and organisation skills. If he had been told to just go and cold call he wouldn’t have been as successful. However, SaaSLeads Team Lead, Torron Iveson, was useful for that. He would help Jack plan his days and be strict with himself so Jack would complete his daily goals. 


“Sales is cool” – SaaSLeads Co-Founder, Chris Ritson 

It’s all about consultative sales – helping people instead of making them buy your product. It takes mastering. If you’re successful in sales the financial reward can be generous. Jack enjoys working with a team where everyone’s motivated and achieves massive milestones together. This is specially the case in a start-up, where you have so much opportunity and gain additional skills that help you in your career and personal life. 


Comfort zone 

At the Academy, Jack stepped outside of his comfort zone, learning the skills to be a successful SDR, becoming an author for the SaaSLeads website and hosting a SaaSLeads LinkedIn Live. This is something taught at the Academy – the only way to grow and succeed is to push yourself out of what is comfortable. Jack ended up stepping outside his comfort zone and enjoying the experience. 


When the CEO turned up to Jacks grading 

Jack joined the Zoom call for one of his certifications and SaaSLeads CEO, Will Koning, was sat there. When you’re trying to get your certification you don’t want the CEO there adding to the pressure – Team Leads Laith Azzee and Torron burst out laughing, but it turned out well. Will provided feedback and it was a great opportunity to evaluate Jacks communication skills.


Hopes for future 

Jack would like to continue smashing targets as an SDR, learn from great people and progress into an Account Executive role. Jack can’t believe he’s found a career he’s so passionate about and is exciting to be a part SaaSLeads growth.


Thinking of reaching out?

Do it. You can have a look around, but if you want to get into the sales space you’ll struggle to find a better more supportive start that will teach you the skills you need to progress further in your career. The things you learn at the Academy will help you in future roles. Reach out even for a conversation.  


Lena Miah

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