Graduate Case Study – Qasim Abul’As – SDR at Integrated Finance

Mar 7, 2022

‘The SaaSLeads Academy gave me a blueprint for my journey.’


Qasim Abul’As is a recent SaaSLeads Academy graduate. He is now beginning his SaaS sales career as an SDR at Integrated Finance. We sat down with Qasim to find out more about his experiences at the Academy.


Discovering the Academy

Hi Qasim. Let’s start at the beginning. What were you doing before joining the SaaSLeads Academy, and how did you get started there?

I was working for the Malaysian government in the UK, working with companies that wanted to expand into Malaysia. You could say it was like a sales role, except most of the time, customers would come to me!

I was thinking about tech for my next move and wanted somewhere with career progression. I felt that becoming an SDR would help me gain experience in the tech industry, so when SaaSLeads approached me about the Academy, it looked like a good opportunity. After all, I wanted to be an SDR, and they were going to teach me how to do it.

I had a few interviews. The first one was with Abisola at SaaSLeads, then a few with Integrated Finance, who I would be selling for.



What was the Academy like for you?

One thing that I didn’t expect was that there would be lots of software to use. SDRs today use tools like Cognism and SalesLoft and others that integrate together. It was daunting at first, but SaaSLeads showed me how to use all of it. I was really impressed by how SaaSLeads allowed us to have all the tech straight away. They invest in you.

I also really enjoyed the guest speakers. However, the one that really resonated for me was from Chris Ritson, SaaSLeads’ co-founder. I believe that in the future, I’ll come up with something that helps others in the same way.


What was the main skill you developed during your time at the Academy?

It has to be cold calling. After all, in my last role, people used to come to me! I used to think cold calling was about intruding into someone’s day and trying to get them to buy something they didn’t want. But, SaaSLeads showed me how to do cold calling the right way, the ethical way, and they instilled in me the confidence to make those calls.


Looking ahead

Now that you’ve graduated and placed full-time with a tech company, how’s life working out? What are your hopes for the future?

It’s great. I enjoy working at Integrated Finance so much. It hasn’t been easy, and there’s a lot of new stuff to learn, but SaaSLeads taught me how to get started.

I’m actually the first SDR in the company, so I’m helping set up the commercial team and the sales process. It’s been a journey from where I was to where I am now, but the SaaSLeads Academy gave me a blueprint. I have the skillset to do it now.


Finally, can you sum up your SaaSLeads Academy experience in three words?

Enlightening. Memorable. Fun.


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