Graduate Case Study – Raoul Zaat – SDR at Hivemind

Apr 21, 2021

“Learning. Fun. Development”

Raoul Zaat is a recent SaaSLeads Academy graduate now beginning his SaaS sales career at Hivemind. We sat down with Raoul to talk about his journey with the Academy.


Getting started


Hi Raoul. Let’s start at the beginning. How did you first find out about the SaaSLeads Academy?

I came to London two years ago and I did a grad programme at a hotel. I was happy in hospitality, but then the pandemic hit and I had to look for other opportunities. I was always interested in sales, so when I saw SaaSLeads on a grad site, it looked like a great way to learn.


How would you describe the Academy to someone thinking about signing up?

It’s an opportunity to start your sales career, but not in the normal way. You learn sales techniques from your coaches, you network with the guest speakers, you take what’s best for you and apply it. 




What skills did you develop during your time at the SaaSLeads Academy?

Time management was the big one. You need to schedule your day correctly and be disciplined enough to keep to it. You’ve got eight hours in your day and certain tasks you need to do. 

Also, I improved my communication skills – not just reaching out to prospects, but also with my team and coaches. Brian was my main coach and if I had a problem or was struggling with something, I could always go to him. 


What about skills outside of work? Personal development?

Definitely. I learned to be generally more confident. At the end of the day, you’re contacting strangers, which is something new. I also learned to be a better listener. 




What was your favourite part of the programme?

It was just being able to work with other people and learn from each other. For example, Tom and I always worked really closely. It was hard working from home and not being in the office, but we were always on Zoom. 

During the coaching sessions, when you’re all together and giving each other feedback, that’s the most fun and also the most valuable. 

The guest speakers were great because they’ve experienced what you’re learning about and you can ask them questions. 


You must have some good stories?

Definitely. Mainly when you have calls that don’t go so well. I’d go straight back on to Zoom and share it with Tom and we’d laugh about it. It wouldn’t feel so bad after that.


Finally, can you sum up your time at the SaaSLeads Academy in three words?

Learning. Fun. Development.


Find out more


If you want to follow in Raoul’s footsteps and join the SaaSLeads Academy, or you just want to find out more, visit The Academy

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