Guest Speaker Series – Anthony Yeung – VP of Growth at Judopay

Sep 10, 2021

“It’s okay to make mistakes. Don’t dwell on it, learn from it and dont make it again.”


At the age of 4 Anthony Yeung washed pans at his parents’ restaurant. When he was beginning his sales career 10 years ago Chief Executive, Dermot Hanafit, described him as “a leading example of what an employer should expect graduates to be like in the workplace”. Anthony is now VP of Growth at Judopay and has had many leadership roles since starting out. 


Racing up the race track to racing up the sales ladder

Anthony started his sales career during a placement at a motorsports company, where he learnt to master campaigns and decided sales was for him. Once he graduated he was offered a role there, but his heart was set on moving to London. 

Lesson learnt: “You’ve got to take calculated risks.”  

Money is important and should drive you – that’s why you’re in sales, but don’t let it consume you. Anthony could have doubled his salary, but decided in the long term he could make that money back. Once in London Anthony had to start his career again, but he decided moving to London would build his future – a short term pain for long term gain. Slowly, but surely he was right and as his career progressed. 


“With sales you get the right job and you get to travel a lot.”

Working and getting to see the world is a good place to be. Every country has a different culture. When, CEO, Will Konning, asked if Anthony had ever found himself in a sticky situation due to cultural differences Anthony recalled how the UK humour is drier than in the US and none of his jokes would land over the pond. 

Selling abroad tips:

  • Speak slower, clearer, and use less complex words – English could be their second language. 
  • Be resourceful and do your research. Take the right people along with you to the meeting. For example, Anthony had an important partner meeting in Spain and took our Team Lead Sonia when they worked together along with him, as she is half Spanish and knows the culture. 
  • And of course be careful with your jokes. 


How to warm up a cold call

Anthony still takes cold calls and gets annoyed when people haven’t done their research and they don’t know him or his company. 

He remembers there was one Salesloft employee that sent multiple emails to get his attention, but Anthony had never heard of Salesloft and thought he didn’t need it, so ignored the emails. 

One day Anthony received an email containing a personalised GIF with the letters MOT. Most people would have had no clue what it meant, but as a Leeds football fan this really got Anthony’s attention and convinced him to click the link that took him to a video with a sales pitch. Needless to say the deal was a success. 

The moral of the story is to be creative and find a way to put a smile on your prospects face. Once you’re in conversation then you can do the selling. The techniques you use vary from person to person, trial, test and be mindful of each stakeholder. 


Where does the time go?

It’s hard to maintain good time management, but here are Anthony’s tips: 

  • As you progress, the more stuff you have to do. Make sure your priorities align with your role. At small companies or when you’re starting out you have to do things you don’t want to, but now Anthony’s tasks soley revolve around his job. 
  • When it comes to meetings, ask if you will add value and if you have to be on the call, because if you’re not going to add value it will take away from your time. 
  • Change the programmed default setting for meetings from one hour to 25 minutes. This will also give you a 5 minute break before the next meeting. 
  • At the start of your meeting outline what the objective is to make the most of the time and build relationships with the team outside of work so you can be more direct and save time.


We’re all different and that should be celebrated

Anthony recalls working with someone with ADHD. They were brilliant at coming up with lots of ideas and moving quickly, but found it difficult to focus. It is highly important in that situation to encourage and as a leader normalise everyone’s differences, find that balance and provide guidance to help their development.

Anthony believes that if you’re struggle you should be able to speak to your manager and your company and if you can’t, are they the right company for you to reach full potential at?

At SaaSLeads we pride ourselves on finding people that wouldn’t get opportunities elsewhere, because being different can be a strength. 


Investing in SaaS stocks

There are many investment opportunities as Fintech continues to grow and methods to pay become more digital. Don’t discount a product idea, as it could have its place but hasn’t found it yet. Be open and curious to where it could go. 


Naturally confident 

Though Anthony finds he’s confident at work, he’s not a big character outside work and finds he still gets nervous and was even nervous before his Guest Speaker slot with us. A way Anthony deals with nerves is to practice pitching, because practice makes perfect and try not to worry about people’s thoughts.


What would Anthony say to 22 year old Anthony? 

Failure to prepare is preparing to fail. Utilise your resources, especially when things go wrong or not to plan and don’t just have a plan b – you need a plan a, b, c, and d. 

You can’t focus on perfectionism. Anthony remembers having a detailed script when selling and sticking to his script so much that it didn’t go well and he couldn’t speak at the meetings. It’s okay to make mistakes. Don’t dwell on it, learn from it and dont make it again. 


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