Guest Speaker Series – Chris Ritson – COO & Co-Founder at SaaSLeads

Dec 9, 2021

“Sales changes lives”


University hustle 

Chris Ritson is our SaaSLeads Co-Founder and COO, but before taking on that role and venturing into sales he studied Neuroscience at the University of Newcastle. At University Chris realised he needed a job, so decided he would start his own business, where he would outbound on Facebook. At the end of his degree he found himself at a crossroads and realised he didn’t have a passion for Neuroscience, so decided to move down to London and join a large recruitment company. On his first day, he was told the record for most calls made was 319 and needless to say he put the phone down at the end of the day and beat the record, then repeated for 18 months.


Chris and SaaSLeads

Through Chris’ sales career he realised people weren’t given the right training to be successful. This led to him building an Academy style programme at his previous companies, with the aim of getting people in Junior sales roles to learn the foundations of sales and provide them with the support they need to learn on the job. 

Chris thought to himself why can’t he do this for multiple companies and then SaaSLeads Founder, Will Koning, called saying the exact same thing and the rest is history. Chris always knew he wanted to create his own business but he knew he needed a why because when times get tough it’s the why that makes you want to put in that extra 5-10 %.  


Chris’ daily tips


Chris reflects a lot and subscribes to Stoicism, which helps him to be more self-aware and know what he wants to do next. The journey can be so much fun, but the key is to find out what you enjoy, so you have to have a reason why you want to get there and trust that you will get there. 

Framework for reflection

Set aside 5-10 minutes in the diary every day to think back and reflect on your actions for that day, covering everything from your conversations to daily habits, then think about what changes you want to make to be better the next day.  

The most important skill of an SDR 

Grit – you may not be good at a particular thing, but you will be good at it if you keep putting in the hard work and repetition. Failure isn’t a permanent situation. We need to be ready to fail, we need to measure, learn and come back even better with the lessons. 

How to handle the pressure of constantly performing 

Reflect on where you were previously and judge yourself on who you were. Don’t judge yourself against others, because we’ve all had different backgrounds. 


The journey 

At the beginning of his career when Chris thought about where he was going he couldn’t pinpoint where he would end up, but it was all part of the journey and he knew if he stuck at it for long enough the next step would naturally appear. It’s about hard work and consistency – you’re going to go through tough days and weeks when you question everything, but if you work hard enough you’ll get to where you want to be.

Lena Miah

Lena is our Marketing Executive here at She is versed in all things marketing and loves creating thought provoking, inspirational, and informative pieces for the company. 

Lena was born and raised in London. She has a passion for all things words and completed a BA degree in Journalism at the University of Roehampton. 

When she isn’t keeping the company blog in tip top condition she can be found in a yoga class or checking out the London food scene, but if the food isn’t up to par she could bake it all herself. 

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