Guest Speaker Series – Harry Hudson – Increase your performance as an SDR

Jan 21, 2022

“We don’t sell products, we solve problems for people.”


Harry Hudson kicked off 2022 at the Academy with an insightful Guest Speaker Series session. Before Harry entered the world of SaaS and sales he started his career as a teacher and then ventured into recruitment. Now he is an egg-cellent SDR at Salesloft. Harry joined us to run through what he’s learnt on his SDR journey that has helped to increase performance. 


Sales sayings  

There are a few sayings that Harry has picked up along the way that have stuck with him, including: 

  • If you don’t ask you don’t get’ –  Always ask for the next step in the sales journey, even if you don’t think the conversation went very well. You’d be surprised – sometimes the prospect says yes.  
  • ‘If everyone’s going one way go the other way’ – For example when everyone was saying ‘merry Christmas’ Harry would say ‘Happy Easter’. This helped him to stand out. 


Why is a career in sales amazing?

Harry is target driven and loves the challenge to get ahead, which is what makes sales such an exciting career for him. The sales career you can have in 2 years would take a lot longer in another field to achieve. There are many opportunities in sales, including financial and you can reap the benefits in a short amount of time.


Harry’s 4 tactics to increase performance 



Activity is at the start of the sales journey. It covers calls and outreach. Harry calls this the lever that is there to be pulled when you’re under target. If you increase your capability in the next two skills you’ll be able to pull back on the amount of activity you do and hone in on the following.  


Engagement includes opens, clicks and replies. Engagement is the result of your activity and how many people are engaging with the work from your activity. 


How interested are they in your product? Focus on the problems you can solve for them, not the features. The sentiment is as important as engagement. Figure out your sentiment from your actions – where are your meetings coming from? Once you know, that’s what you should focus on.  

Harry’s admin tip 

When building pipeline keep a tab of prospects who have said ‘now isn’t the right time’ and build pipeline for the future. Bank that opportunity and then focus back on the now. 


Getting next steps in. 


Work smarter not harder 

Harry was the hardest working person, but missing target. He realised he had to work smarter not harder. Once he gained experience, learnt and developed engagement and sentiment skills, he was able to create high-quality work over quantity. 

You can’t work at 120% all the time on your activity otherwise you’ll burn out. Instead aim to hit target using 80% effort in as few hours as possible so you’re able to enjoy life whilst hitting your target. If you’re below target at the end of the quarter pull the activity lever and go to 120% effort to get there. 



Harry does a great job creating LinkedIn content around what he’s found works and doesn’t work for him as an SDR and how to get yes from a prospect in less time. To maximise LinkedIn Harry recommends using it as a learning tool and make your feed about learning your craft, with the occasional hilarious post from influencers like Tom Boston. LinkedIn is also an incredible place where you can reach out to people and ask for career advice – you’ll be surprised how many people are willing to help.  



Subject heading – create a subject line that will allow you to stand out in your prospects email, as this is the first thing they will see. The purpose should be to get them to open your email.

First-line – shows you’ve done the research and personalised the first line. This will be the preview that will encourage them to open your email.

Hypothesis – use your hypothesis to show you’re not an Autobot that has sent the same email to many people. Instead, show that you’re an expert and can help solve the problem they’re facing. 

Call to action – end the email by asking if it is something they are interested in. 


Hypothesis breakdown 

Harry put together a hypothesis that can be used as a template for sending emails: 

  1. Noticed that… 
  2. Imagine this means…
  3. Often hear a challenge of this is…
  4. Wonder if that’s of interest.  


Example: How to sell SaaSLeads 

  • Noticed you’re hiring SDRs. 
  • Imagine that means your focus is creating more opportunities for pipeline. 
  • Often I hear it’s a challenge hiring new SDRs.
  • We actually help with this by getting reps up to speed as quickly as possible to ensure they’re filling up the top of the funnel.
  • Wonder if that would be of interest.  

If they don’t reply, email them with another problem you’re able to fix, the following day. If that doesn’t work move on to the next problem. If that still doesn’t work move on to another prospect. 

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