Guest Speaker Series – Holly Allen – Social selling masterclass

Sep 22, 2021

“If you have a personal brand, endless opportunities arrive. You stand out to prospects and get asked to speak on cool podcasts or sessions like the Guest Speaker Series – all of this is possible through social selling.”  


Holly Allen is a social media superstar with over 5,000 followers on LinkedIn, as well as Co-host at the sales impact academy, an E-learning platform. She is also a Business Development Representative at software marketplace G2 or as Holly put it the Tripadvisor for software and she joined us to run a social selling masterclass. 


Is having a personal brand really that important?

Short answer: yes.

If you don’t have a personal brand you’re just another sales person. You don’t stand out from the crowd. Having a personal brand helps you build trust. Having an empty profile results in skepticism – is this even a real person? Ask yourself would you accept a connection request from you?

Holly has certainly built her personal brand and this has made her recognised in the sales industry. Now the majority of her meetings come from LinkedIn.


Posting 101

When building a brand, staying authentic and not compromising, while producing engaging content can seem tricky. 

For Holly it is so important to stay true to you. When you’re feeling at a loss and you don’t know what to share don’t post what you think people would want you to post, because it doesn’t work well. Instead think why were you hired and what do you bring to the table – there lies your posting power. Content is all around you. Set a goal to post 2 or 3 times a week and get posting.


The perfect LinkedIn balance

It’s important to remember that Linkedin is a professional platform and there’s a balance to strike between personal and professional. Holly’s perfect balance:

  • 80% – professional
  • 20% personal 


3 steps to building your profile 

  1. Optimise your profile and content. (see Content optimisation below)
  2. Engage in other people’s content through likes and comments and people will return the favour. 
  3. Consistency is key – commit to posting and building your brand. The more you post the more you feature on LinkedIn due to the algorithm.  


Content optimisation 

Make your profile colourful, bright and professional – Holly uses Canva to put a pink background in her display photo. 

The header is vital – it allows people to see who you are, where you work and what the company does. 

About section – keep it short, sweet and easy to read. Include emojis and most importantly what you do and how you can help them. Holly also includes the size of her company and her contact number. 

Trajection – once you get trajection create a featured section highlighting your work.  

Experience section – include what you do now.

Recommendations – ask people for recommendations, skills and endorsements. 



The first post is always the hardest to post. If you feel nervous, tell your colleagues that you’re posting and ask if they can like or comment – the positive reinforcement will encourage you to continue. Here’s are a few mediums you can publish in:

Photos and video – Holly is a big fan of photo and video content and even posted a video before her masterclass with us about being nervous for it. You don’t need expensive equipment, you can film in selfie mode on your phone camera, as filming in a well presented room with great lighting will work wonders. If you decide to make a video stick to just under one minute and never go over a minute and a half.  

Polls – Holly has made targeted polls and reached out to people who voted in the poll as a form of prospecting and has found it to be successful. 

Memes And GIFs – While they are popular on LinkedIn right now, the trick is to make it relevant, targeted and personal. GIFS can also come in handy if your audience speaks multiple languages as they focus on images and less on the words. 

Voicenotes – To execute a voicenote on LinkedIn keep it as short and sweet as possible. Holly finds receiving a voicenote exciting and plays them straight away over the other messages she receives. Be conversational and never use a script, as it’s meant to be authentic, fun and never sell your solution.

Final tip: Turn notifications off for LinkedIn on your phone, so it doesn’t become consuming. 


Key Takeaways 

  • Optimise your profile.
  • Get creative through AV content. 
  • Be consistent when building your profile. Set a goal of posting 2 or 3 times a week.
  • Turn LinkedIn notifications off on your phone so you don’t become consumed. 
Lena Miah

Lena is our Marketing Executive here at She is versed in all things marketing and loves creating thought provoking, inspirational, and informative pieces for the company. 

Lena was born and raised in London. She has a passion for all things words and completed a BA degree in Journalism at the University of Roehampton. 

When she isn’t keeping the company blog in tip top condition she can be found in a yoga class or checking out the London food scene, but if the food isn’t up to par she could bake it all herself. 

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