Guest Speaker Series – Indra Gheorghe – building and maintaining relationships

Dec 17, 2021

“Be attentive – treat their problem as your own – connect – build trust” 


Indra Gheorghe is a relationship-building master and also our Customer Success Manager at SaaSLeads. She usually joins the Guest Speaker Series as a guest, but this time she decided to lead her own session and go through how to build and maintain customer relationships. 


Interpersonal skills 

Indra’s journey starts at the University of Westminster, where she studied Public Relations, Advertising and Applied Communications. She went on to work as an Account Manager at an IoT start-up, where she worked with customers and was responsible for outbound sales, cold calling, and emailing. Here is where she found joy in building customer relationships and finding out about how to better help them, as she helped over 15 companies grow their business. 


The most important skill to build customer relationships 

While there are many skills that will help build solid customer relationships including the ones our SaaSLeads students came up with: empathy and communication, there is one that Indra singled out as the most important one to focus on and that is active listening.  

How to not be an active listener 

There are telltale signs to show you’re not listening to someone. Here are ones you can rectify straight away for better conversations:

  • Not looking at the screen – this is an easy way to show you’re not paying attention.
  • Responses – questioning them on something they’ve already mentioned.
  • Following your own scripting – when you’re too focused on ticking boxes of what you want to discuss it can be easy to not pay attention to what the other person is saying. 
  • Not asking questions on what they’re saying. Ask follow up questions like ‘why are you having this pain?’ and discuss how you can solve it. If your mind isn’t open to what the person is saying you don’t hear their pains and don’t know why their pains are pains. The more understanding of what they are going through the better position you’ll be in. 


SaaSLeads Book Club – The book that changed relationship building for Indra 


How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie


Lessons learnt 

  • When you ask customers how their day is and find out information, bring up what they’ve said before and check in how that’s going for them. It will show you’ve paid attention to what they’ve said and care enough to ask. 
  • Your body language says a lot. Maintain eye contact – even if you’re not face to face in person and you are speaking over a video call. 
  • Be empathetic – understand and show that you are empathetic to their situation. Let them know that you understand that what they are going through must be hard. 
  • Encourage them to talk more about their product and the pains they face.


The brand and the people 

It’s easy to want to focus on why your brand is awesome and why we should buy it, but doing that means missing out on an opportunity to convert your product into a brand for the people and in turn, bring the brand and people closer. 

How to bring the product to the people: 

  • Know your customers well – know them as people
  • Know how to connect to each one of them individually and personally 
  • Know how to earn their trust 

Simple, but far from easy. 

How to apply when outbounding:

  • Summarize and recite back what they have said  
  • Social proofing how you’ve helped similar customers in past
  • Don’t lie to close the deal, build trust instead – even if the product isn’t right for them now it could be in the future. Think about the long term goal instead of the short term. 


Key Takeaways 

  • Pull skills you’ve previously learnt to connect with people 
  • Active listening is the number one way to build relationships
  • Focus less on your product and more on your prospects pains
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