Guest Speaker Series – Jack Neicho – Account Executive at Salesloft

Nov 11, 2021

“Instead of comparing yourself, use other people’s performance to drive you to be better and reach your goals.”


Jack Neicho is an Account Executive at Salesloft. Jack was an SDR for 3 years and had an abundance of insight to share about his time in the role. He was also community host of SDRs of London and is now community host of AEs of London. Jack was also our first ever guest speaker here at SaaSLeads and a year on he joined us again to delve into his sales learnings and his journey in sales so far. 


Jacks’ top 5 career learnings

  1. Your career is a marathon, not a sprint. The best Account Executives (AE) are the ones that have been an SDR for at least a year. You must learn your craft first. 
  2. Try and do loads of different activities and find out what you enjoy, your strengths and where you want to grow. 
  3. Build your brand externally on social media, so you are known in the sales world. Creating a brand on social media will make you trustable and make video prospecting much easier. 
  4. Networking is so important and connecting internally at your company and those that do the same role as you is a game-changer. Jack recommends joining SDRs of London and leveraging connections to get advice and connections from his new network. 
  5. Be the hardest worker in the room. If someone booked more meetings or had more calls Jack would be back the next day to try harder and achieve more. 

If you are wondering how can you still be liked when you want to achieve and get ahead here is Jack and Sarah Mills, SaaSLeads Customer Sucess Manager’s, advice: 

Jacks’ advice: Take your ego out and recognise that someone is more effective. Everyone loves compliments. If someone achieved something Jack would ask them how they did it. Use people around you to be successful as well. Having a monthly catch up with an experienced SDR and getting mentored by them can also be extremely helpful. 

Sarah’s advice: Tell everyone if you’ve found a strategy that has worked for you. The best SDRs are the ones that are team players. At Salesloft they believe in team over self. 


Make sure they turn up to the meeting 

It’s exciting when you finally book that meeting in, but that’s half the battle won. You have to make sure they turn up to the meeting with the Account Executive. Here are Jack’s top three tips to make it happen: 

  1. On the discovery call ask a few questions to make sure the AE is best prepared. 
  2. Discuss three challenges your prospect would like to discuss on a call with AE. 
  3. Give the prospect a call the morning of the call and let them know you’re looking forward to meeting. 



Having a supportive team can make a massive difference to your experience as an SDR. Jack would share anecdotes and shortcomings with his fellow teammates and laugh off the situation instead of internalising it. 

Jack and the SDRs on his team would also do the same activities at the same time to make the tasks more fun. 


Key Takeaways 

  • The best Account Executives are the ones that have been an SDR for at least a year. 
  • Build your network and social media brand.
  • Learn from everyone around you and share your tips for success with your team. 
  • Make sure your prospect attends the initial meeting with the Account Executive. 
  • Having a strong supportive team can make the biggest difference. 
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