Guest Speaker Series – Jake Stroyan – AE at ContentSquare

May 7, 2021

“ I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have from it  “ – Thomas Jefferson.



A recipe for successful reps = 10% talent + 90% hard work! 


Jake Stroyan  joined us this week as our Academy Guest Speaker to share his wide journey through the sales industry for our Academy students. Jake started his career in a call centre selling sky box insurance on a commission only salary. Then one day on a call Jake had a prospect asking him a lot of strange questions that were way out of the ordinary for most calls. It turned out the prospect was the store manager of the local Phones 4U who offered him a job on the spot as he thought his call was so good! Jake attributes a lot of his future success to the lessons he learnt in the days he was making calls on no basic wage!


Refining his sales skills


In line with one of SaaSLeads values to ‘have fun’ Jake then decided to move to Ibiza and become a club promoter where he was still refining his sales skills face to face in a completely different environment. Jake then had an epiphany whilst driving through the Ibiza countryside that he was in a place that was no longer helping him work towards his goals and therefore was making him unhappy. 


Recruitment doesn’t have the buzz of sales


Jake then moved to London and started with a Tech Recruitment Agency where he decided that recruitment didn’t give him the buzz that sales did so Jake moved to a 10-man startup as a Sales Executive. The name of that startup was TrustPilot! Jake was a key player in growing the team from 10 to over 100 in 3 years! Since then Jake has become an Account Executive that consistently over achieves target and is now over at ContentSquare. 


Jake’s ability to spot an opportunity to learn, like the commission only role way back at the start, was incredibly inspiring. Jake demonstrates how through hard work and perseverance, ‘pushing yourself to do that extra call ‘ and ‘ keep stepping out of your comfort zone ‘can help you achieve your goals and build your desired life. Thanks for coming Jake – everyone feels incredibly motivated after hearing you speak!


Jake is an excellent inspiration and demonstrates how through hard work and perseverance, ‘ pushing yourself to do that extra call ‘ and ‘ keep stepping out of your comfort zone ‘can help you achieve your goals and build your desired life.

Torron Iveson

Torron is a SDR Team Lead & Coach here at He was one of our first Graduates from the Academy and was so impressive that we couldn’t let him leave!

Torron has been a key member in building our 2021 Academy and has proved to be a vital source to identify how we create an Academy that best delivers for both our students and customers. He is particularly skilled in the prospecting of opportunities and developing effective communication cadence campaigns.

Torron lives in Sutton and has a law degree from Canterbury Christ Church University. He is a passionate football fan, is constantly trying to create viral posts on LinkedIn (one success to date) and hosts his own podcast due for release in the summer of 2021.

Follow him on LinkedIn here

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