Guest Speaker Series – Laura Moniz de Aragão – VP of Revenue Growth at nudge

Aug 5, 2021

Ballet to the boardroom 

Going back to the beginning Laura studied Drama and Theatre Arts at the University of the Arts London. Soon after, she began her career in sales, starting off as a sales development associate at Darwin. She is now VP Revenue Growth at nudge, which is the number one global financial wellbeing platform. Laura is the embodiment of a sales superstar and is leading the way for women in leadership and tech positions, but also is a great example of balancing your professional and personal life. In Laura’s words, she didn’t do a conventional degree, as she went from ballet to sales; at a time when SDR’s didn’t really exist and SaaS wasn’t a big thing. 


Do you want a career in sales? 

While this question sounds obvious, since why else would you be applying to be an SDR? You may look at the money and think it sounds great, but you need to self-reflect and ask yourself if you have the right skillset. Laura has worked her way up the sales ladder and can spot straight away when interviewing someone whether it is the right lane for them. If you’re unable to identify the qualities needed, then ask your friends and family if you have those qualities. They will know straight away. 


Presentation is key 

There are many ways to get ahead and excel in your career. Here are Laura’s tips:


Reflect on whether your CV showcases the skills the management need. Don’t include unnecessary things like a full clean driving licence when we’re all selling remotely. 

Cover Letter 

If a generic cover letter lands on Laura’s desk she’d bin it.

Every job you apply for has to include a bespoke cover letter. Use your understanding of the market you are in. Talk about yourself, who you want to become and why you want to work in sales. 

Stand out from the crowd 

To stand out from the crowd you need to think outside the box:

  • Record a video as your application. Short TikTok videos are being used more in the hiring process and on LinkedIn. 
  • Make an interactive CV filled with testimonials, graphics, and your experience.  
  • Reach out on LinkedIn to people that have had the journey you want to have and find out how they got there. 

Build your personal brand 

Build an online personal brand and become known on LinkedIn. If you do this you won’t have to write a CV again. Make it easy for brands to find you and offer you a job. Talk at events and go to forums and show that you love the sales profession and that you have gone above and beyond through networking with professionals and creating your professional brand. Laura gave Ellie Twigger, who was a former guest speaker at SaaSLeads, as a key example of this. Ellie has an online credible personal brand and people know her name and would hire her in a heartbeat. 

The dreaded culture interview question

This question is asked in every interview and doesn’t help you stand out from the crowd:

What is the culture like at your company?

It’s important, but ask questions after you’ve done research on the company. Show that you’ve looked at the company website, and figure out what the culture of the company is and bring up a point that you’ve found interesting. Does the company align with your values? 


Life of a business woman

Studies show we as women have more imposter syndrome and we do not put ourselves forward like our males counterparts until we feel fully confident. Laura has suffered from this in the past herself and recommends finding that fire in the belly and asking yourself what’s the worst that can happen. This is where a mentor will come in handy. They can take away emotion and form a logical approach, where you look to weigh your skillset against what is needed. Women support groups are also extremely helpful and we at SaaSLeads pride ourselves on having our own women ERG called SheLeads. 

Laura has worked most of her career in sales, always around mostly men. It’s gotten better for women in sales and having mentors and external guides help. She is currently on maternity leave and never thought she’d be the kind of person to take time off, but she has managed to switch off and hasn’t checked Slack. However, she still stays connected to sales through forums like our Guest Speaker Series, which helps her wellbeing.  

Like many other women Laura put off having children out of fear of how it would affect her career progression and as a result she waited till she was in a leadership role before going on maternity leave. She thought it would be easier in a leadership role because the company won’t fall apart without her. However, many organisations are making it easier to take time off and at SaaSLeads we pride ourselves on one full year paid maternity and paternity leave. Laura recommends checking the policies at your company, because even if you are not having children right now, you may in the future and if you stay with the company this may come in handy.  

Lena Miah

Lena is our Marketing Executive here at She is versed in all things marketing and loves creating thought provoking, inspirational, and informative pieces for the company. 

Lena was born and raised in London. She has a passion for all things words and completed a BA degree in Journalism at the University of Roehampton. 

When she isn’t keeping the company blog in tip top condition she can be found in a yoga class or checking out the London food scene, but if the food isn’t up to par she could bake it all herself. 

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