Guest Speaker Series – Mattia Schaper – Salesloft SDR and LinkedIn influencer

Jan 13, 2022

“Be yourself and have fun with your outreach. If you can make the prospect laugh you’re halfway there.”


Mattia Schaper is an SDR at Salesloft, where she sells to the German market. She has over 8 thousand followers on LinkedIn and creates relatable content about the struggles and joys of life as an SDR. Mattia joined us at the Academy and created a safe haven to discuss the nitty-gritty of sales, where students were able to open up and discuss their SDR experiences.  


Creativity in sales

It’s time to add some creative flair to the sales industry and what better place to start than LinkedIn. Mattia has seen the benefits of building a personal brand on LinkedIn and can testify that you can generate outbounds by having an online presence. 

The breakthroughs you see will motivate you to keep building your brand, through relevant content that will in turn nurture prospects. People will become familiar with you through your posts, which will create value and trust. 

A typical scenario is that prospects will say they don’t have the budget right now for your product and ask you to get in touch further down the line. If they follow you on social media they’ll have a constant reminder of who you are and when you reach out again you won’t be starting from scratch.


Mattia’s 3 LinkedIn tips

  • Create a LinkedIn persona. 
  • Be personable, but not too personal.
  • Create content that people will relate to. 


Testing… 1… 2… 

We all make assumptions. In sales, we make an educated guess through our prospects online presence on how they would like to be outreached, but this can create limitations. Get outside your comfort zone, think outside the box and try something new – it may or may not work, but if you don’t test you won’t know. 

Mattia recommends trying out new strategies and tracking your results. You can then go to your Manager with your findings and if it worked show that you managed to book meetings from it. Alternatively, if it doesn’t you tried, you’ve learnt and now you have valuable insights. Take your results and allow them to reflect in your future actions. 


Humans vs robots 

Show vulnerability. On LinkedIn Mattia has found that sharing stories about her sales experiences and what she’s learnt has allowed her to stand out, form connections and increase engagement. 

Speaking of standing out, try toning down your professional side and bringing out your personality. People will mirror your energy. When they get a sense of your personality they are more likely to feel excited to meet you for a discovery call, rather than it being the last thing they want to do. 


What Mattia discovered with discovery calls

Mattia used to find discovery calls stressful. She would write down 2 pages of notes with all her questions and interview her prospects to see if they were a good fit. Eventually, her perspective of the call changed and she began to look forward to them. Here are a few things that helped Mattia:

  • Ask about them – people love speaking about themselves.
  • Find out what is relevant, but don’t go overboard with each detail.
  • Stay authentic and human. This will make them excited to go on the sales journey with you. 
  • Contemplate how you would like to be acquired. Mattia forms rapport and is often laughing at the fun memes people send back.
  • Remember that leaders appreciate humour. At first, Mattia thought people in leadership roles wanted to be approached professionally, but has found a less serious approach helps you to stand out and can be well received. 
  • Just have a conversation and build rapport. 


The wild world of emails 

Look at the emails everyone is sending and do the opposite. Chances are your prospects inbox will be flooded with emails and many of them come across as robotic. Humanise your email.

Imagine you’re writing an email to a friend. Send funny emails and humorous memes. Make it obvious that the email you sent is not an automated generic email that has been sent out to multiple people. It’s easy to connect with humans – it’s harder to connect to a chatbot. 

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