Guest Speaker Series – Neil Thubron – Motivational Coach

Jun 7, 2021

“No goal is impossible. Find a way and be resourceful.”

The 7 Step Success Formula

For this week’s guest speaker we welcomed Neil Thubron. Neil is a motivational leader who uses his experiences, from the Army, sporting achievements and professional life to motivate those around him. 

Neil provided us with 7 key steps to achieve our goals and we left feeling inspired to tackle our challenges and conquer them. 

Why are goals important?  

Neil informed us that as humans we need goals to fuel feelings of pride and happiness and that happy people achieve both small and big goals. He believes that all goals are achievable, but you need the right tools to set about achieving them. 

The 7 Steps to Success

“Step zero” – build a timeline of your professional and personal life achievements and as you look back on your achievements your goal will seem achievable.


Your purpose needs to be crystal clear. This separates into internal and external drivers. Internally, how will achieving this goal make you feel and externally, ensuring you have a support network to cheer you on. Your internal drive is what gets you to start, but it can be your external drivers that get you to the finishing line.

If you don’t have a support network Neil recommends reaching out to people who would be able to advise you on your goal.


Neil took us back to his army days and reminisced on a phrase often used:

 “Train hard. Fight easy”

Fail, make mistakes, and learn from others’ mistakes. Preparation is key to reaching the finish line.


It is fundamental to build a highly detailed plan with key steps and actions, so the smaller steps you need to take in order to reach your massive goal are clear.


Commit to the plan and turn the mindset of you might reach your goal into you must reach your goal.


Reflect on whether you are on track. It’s important to know when to make changes to your goal and to learn and adjust when necessary. Something that can help is knowing why you’re trying to achieve your goals. What feelings you are hoping to feel. Once you know that, you can then shift how you achieve it.


Figuring out your coping mechanisms for when things go wrong can make the difference between sinking or flying.

Here are two of Neil’s favourite coping strategies:

  • Have people around you that believe in you more than you believe in yourself. They will act as your mentors through tough times.
  • Discover triggers that bring you joy, like music, smell, or movement. 


“Never give up”

Surround yourself with people that have achieved more than you and your goals will appear more realistic. No goal is impossible. Find a way and be resourceful. 

Neil’s final thoughts

  1. Goals become addictive
  2. You might just get there

Key Takeaways

  • All goals are achievable, but you need the correct tools to achieve them.
  • If you don’t get results, change your course of action. 
  • Never give up.
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