Guest Speaker Series – Róisín Kearney – Co-Founder of Sales Women in Tech

Aug 18, 2021

‘You never know who your next boss could be, so building relationships with those outside your department is key to creating future job opportunities’ 


For this week’s edition of our Guest Speaker Series we welcomed Róisín Kearney – Senior Alliance Manager at Fivetran, and Co-Founder of Sales Women in Tech. This community provides a space for sales women from all backgrounds and seniority levels. It’s a space to network, gain tips and tricks and support learning for continual growth in their professional life.

Róisín came to talk to us not only about the lessons she learnt from her time as an SDR but throughout her career development to her role today.


‘Put your life into the growth zone’

In order to continuously develop both professionally and personally, it is important that we proactively set ourselves short and long term goals. These must include targets that aren’t KPIs set within our role. For example, can we organise a virtual coffee with someone outside of your organisation that we would like to network with? Can we learn something new to broaden our skillset? Adapting this approach to goal setting will have a positive impact on our long term career progression and personal development.


‘Ensure your non-negotiables are done’

Back in what seems like a distant time ago, when the world was working in offices, people would ensure that they had their non-negotiables scheduled in and done. For example, going for a coffee with a colleague, or seeing friends for a catch up after work. However, since remote working has been in full force, we seem to feel guilty for stepping away from our laptops. 

We must make time to do these things in order to ensure that we can have sustained happiness. Create a schedule of these non-negotiables such as going for a walk, calling a friend for a catch up and track how many you get done in a week. At the end of the week, monitor which ones you completed and any that you didn’t and why. From this create a plan to ensure you fit them in next week.


‘It’s a marathon, not a sprint’ 

Everyone is or will be guilty of wanting to get that promotion within the first 6 months or want to be top of the sales leaderboard instantly – come on guys let’s be honest! But, we need to focus on how we develop in our roles effectively first, understand the processes involved in our job and champion these roles at our own pace. This is the only way that we can be best prepared to be ready to hit these targets in the long run, and be successful if we get the promotion. We shouldn’t be focused on comparing ourselves to others, but instead focusing on how we can consistently improve ourselves.


Key takeaways for new SDRs

  • Take your time – learn the product and get to know your company to ensure you will do better in the long term.
  • Don’t compare yourself – you need to focus on improving on your previous performance and how you can achieve this.
  • You should always be learning. 
  • Use colleagues for help if they are better at something.
  • Ask questions! Don’t just panic if you don’t know something, people will want to help and will appreciate your curiosity and determination to improve your knowledge. 


Jack Vesztrocy

Jack is an SDR here at SaaSLeads.

During his time with us he has displayed how quickly he learns, as well as his ability to exceed targets and excel in all things sales.

Jack has a Bachelor of Science – business and management degree from Aston University and has A Levels in Biology, Business Studies and French, which we are sure will come in handy if he needs to finalise deals in French.

Outside of the world of sales, Jack has experience in marketing and was previously a Marketing Assistant. He has also completed a social media and PR internship.

You can find Jack on LinkedIn here, where he showcases his social media skills.

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