Guest Speaker Series – Yuwa Okungbowa – Mindset shift – leading with empathy

Feb 24, 2022

“SDRs – You’re superheroes. Remember you’re here to bring value.” 


Before Yuwa Okungbowa joined sales she thought salespeople had to be pushy, but she quickly realised that was far from the truth. People buy from people they trust. Instead of being pushy, you need to be empathetic with your customer and that is what Yuwa’s guest speaker session was all about (including some customer-centric language that has helped her along the way).

When Yuwa started her career in sales she failed to get the results she needed in her cold calls. She found when she didn’t know exactly what her customer was looking for she would create value by not only focusing on selling the product, but by listening to them and asking follow-up questions to form a connection. From this she then understood why the product she was selling would be valuable to her prospect. 



Gatekeepers are protective of their boss’s time. The way to get around them is to work with them. Don’t be afraid to ask the gatekeeper for help. Make them feel valued, include them in the email thread and be human with them.  


The empathetic salesperson  

Your goal is to acknowledge the pains of your prospect. You need to convince them that you understand them and that you are a trusted source that they can trust the advice you give and the solution you provide. Give them confidence in the decision they’ve made and build trust and rapport early on.



Time-saving hack 

Create a template for each industry you are prospecting. There are some common themes across various companies. Take one line that is tailored to the contact you are reaching out to and add it to your outreach email – this will save so much time and allow more time for outreach.   

Set up alerts on LinkedIn 

Put your detective hat on and search LinkedIn for prospect clues. Look out for:

  • Linkedin is an open platform where you can see insights on your prospects activity and any projects they’re working on. You can also see mutual connections – Yuwa encourages you to never be afraid to ask for an intro with the person through mutual connections.  
  • You can also view company updates and recent articles that aligns with the company. 
  • Often people like to speak about themselves. If you’re connected to an abundance of relevant people you will be notified when they change their job role and can utilise this by saying:
    • “Noticed you got promoted – congratulations. I noticed your company does this I would love to create value for your company by…”  
    • “Or I really enjoyed your post, as it aligns with my goals at work”


Customer-focused discovery call 

There are many techniques that can help you to ace that discovery call. Here are a few that have helped Yuwa: 

  • Instead of using ‘me’, ‘we’, and ‘I’ – lead with ‘you’ – make the prospect the protagonist of the story.  
  • Showcase your best active listening. 
  • Don’t ask them something that they’ve already said – take notes and record the conversation.
  • Invest time in researching their objectives 
  • Build rapport with them. Be a champion they can trust as an advisor and are in their best interest. 
  • Make it a win-win partnership for both partners.  
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