How Omnipresent built an outbound team and grew deals with the help of SaaSLeads Academy

Nov 15, 2021

“I would definitely recommend SaaSLeads if you’re looking to build out an SDR function. One really good thing is you work together as one team. Co-Founder, Chris Ritson, has been super helpful in imparting his knowledge, he’s a seasoned SDR leader and helped me within my function.”

-Suresh Jones, SDR Manager


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At first glance

Industry: HRTech
Funding: $18m, Series A
SDRs placed: 4
Timeline: 5 months
Founded: 2019


The background

As a global employment service partner, Omnipresent supports companies looking to expand to international markets. In 2019, its founders created the company after working with global remote teams and learning first hand about the complexities involved with that. By early 2020, the pandemic forced the majority of professionals to work remotely and helped solidify the need for an end-to-end service that enables businesses to hire talent globally. So, what do you get when you cross a company that helps businesses to onboard remotely with a WFH revolution? The need for an outstanding SDR team – and fast.


The opportunity

Omnipresent relied heavily on inbound leads. This strategy was working in line with the small team but Suresh, sales leader at Omnipresent, knew they needed to create an outbound operation to meet their ambitious targets. At the time, Suresh and one other salesperson were wearing all of the commercial hats. They proved outbound to be a viable channel, but needed more hands on deck to quickly become more data-driven and strategic in their approach. That’s when Suresh got in touch with SaaSLeads.


The approach

“SaaSLead’s proposition stood out because it takes care of the two elements that drive successful SDRs,” said Suresh. “Firstly, there’s the essential skills – cold calling, cadences, discipline, and confidence. Secondly, there’s the pairing with the company; getting an understanding of the value proposition, go-to-market strategy and culture. SaaSLeads delivers on both of those fronts, while removing the burden of sourcing and training.”



1. Laying the foundations for success

To begin with, we learnt the Omnipresent playbook. We turned market observations into processes and helped
refine the strategy. Before sourcing and training new talent on the team, we helped Suresh to:

  • Clearly define ideal customer profile
  • Evaluate their value propositions
  • Refine their sales messaging
  • Become truly data-driven

All of this information helped us optimise our candidates’ experience at the Academy, making sure the skills and knowledge developed were fully in line with Omnipresent’s goals.


2. Finding the star candidates

At SaaSLeads Academy, our rigorous admissions process examines natural ability, mindset and key soft skills, to make sure we put forward only the best candidates to our clients. After our interviews process, we introduced our chosen candidates to Omnipresent for cultural fit before enrolment. We have found it is important to not only have the skills to succeed in the role, but to also fit into the culture of the company for long term satisfaction.


3. Getting started at the SaaSLeads Academy (week one)

This is where the fun starts. In week one of the programme, our students learn the fundamentals of the new world of sales. From gaining an understanding of the concept of outbounding, to learning the basic tech stack and tools, this is our candidates’ first taste of sales.


4. Learning the ropes (weeks two to four)

After walking our students through the basics, we step things up a notch. “In weeks two, three and four they learn about how to become an SDR,” explains Suresh: “how to send emails, how to cold call, how to use the tools to execute cadences; how to build a pipeline, how to research companies.”


5. Ramping (weeks four-eight)

Once candidates have developed those core skills, we introduce them to the real world of sales. “70% of learning is doing,” says Suresh. “That’s what’s really good about SaaSLeads – you can’t learn SDR in a classroom, theoretically. You have to learn within a real-life company and a real-life product and a real-life market.” From targeting through to emailing, from cold calling to booking meetings, this month of outbounding highlights the areas our candidates excel in, and which they need to work on. Our students perform at a high level, but are still supported each step of the way.


6. Reflecting

One of the key ingredients all-star SDRs have in common is a growth mindset. Our Academy is geared towards
helping people to tap into that through self-reflection. “That feedback and learning loop is critical for SDRs,
and self-reflection is a huge part,” said Suresh. “SaaSLeads found candidates who have self-awareness, who are open to feedback, open to learning and listening.


7. The hire

By months two and three, the numbers speak for themselves with 16 meetings booked over one month. After consistently booking meetings and nailing all their key processes and activities, Suresh was happy with how the team made the decision easy. “They learnt how to become SDRs, but also we’ve seen them grow on a personal level.”


The impact

Omnipresent have currently onboarded a few candidates through the SaaSLeads academy and have another going through training right now. Before making the offer, the candidates had to book four to five meetings – or one a week towards the end of the programme – which 100% of them achieved.

Once joining the Omnipresent team, their month-one quota ramped up 40%. Now they’re two months in, that’s
increased another 40%.

“The SaaSLeads graduates are getting really close to their quotas – already helping many companies. We have ambitious targets and our revenue projections are steep, so to be able to get close to quota is impressive. Especially only in the second month within the company.”

“What we’ve seen with the SaaSLeads sourced outbound function is that they’re able to significantly contribute to our allbound (inbound and outbound). Most SaaS businesses need both inbound and outbound for healthy revenue generation, and the outbound function becomes increasingly important as you move to larger and enterprise clients.”

“What was really impressive was looking at day-one sales. When we sign up new businesses, we add new client employees onto our SaaS platform, OmniPlatform. Day one sales is the number of those employees and therefore the size of the deal. During certain months, SDR sales had twice the number of newly onboarded employees seats as any other sales function.”


During the Academy

  • 1 meeting booked per week, per candidate
  • 100% success rate
  • 1 month after… 100% success rate
  • 2 months after… On track to hit quota
  • X2 bigger deals
  • 4 star SDR hires


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