Increasing sales in uncertain times

Nov 30, 2021

No one knows what’s around the corner, but when you get the basics right, you can navigate your way through any storm. Let’s find out more.

There’s so much uncertainty in the business world right now. We’re dealing with economic issues like inflation and energy price hikes; we’re still not over the Coronavirus pandemic; on top of that, we’re coming up to Christmas when sales often slows down, and it’s harder than ever to get hold of prospects. 

On the other hand, it is still possible to keep growing, even when you don’t know what’s looming on the horizon. It comes down to getting your fundamentals right and focusing on what works. Control what you can control and don’t worry about anything else.

In this article, we’ll look at five things you can do to keep your sales ticking over, no matter the uncertainty. Let’s go.


1 – Focus on the customer

You can’t go wrong when you focus all your efforts on locating the right customers, showing you can solve an actual problem for them and delivering on what you promise. 

To make sure you’re running at full efficiency, revisit your buyer personas. Make sure they’re still relevant. After all, customer demands can change, especially in volatile times. Next, look for ways that you can improve your messaging and get those conversion rates up.

When talking to your prospects and customers, acknowledge that they could be in a difficult situation themselves at the moment. However, as long as you can provide value rather than trying to push on them something they don’t need, you can still make sales. 

There’s nothing clever about this. It’s the stuff you learn during your first week as a salesperson. But that’s because it works. 


2 – Be flexible 

While it’s essential to get the basics right during uncertain times, you don’t want to be too set in your ways. Challenging times create opportunities, and if you can keep your eyes open to spot them, you could even make more sales than you initially thought possible. There are so many stories from the Coronavirus pandemic of companies spotting new opportunities and being flexible enough to exploit them. 

Understand how the needs of your target personas may change during these difficult times and see how you can adapt. It doesn’t have to be an entirely new product; just a slight alteration to your sales messaging could make all the difference to your sales numbers. 


3 – Build trust

In uncertain times, buyers are much less likely to take gambles. Instead, they will only want to buy from people they know, like and trust. To continue increasing sales in these times, you need to position yourself as a trusted advisor, not a salesperson pushing a product.

When you’re talking to prospects, show that you understand the pain that they’re facing. Then show them how you can solve it. Make sure you can speak with knowledge and confidence about your industry and your prospect’s. Let them see that you know what you’re talking about and have their interests at heart.

You can also use content to position yourself (and your company) as industry experts. Whether you create articles, record videos or anything else, use your content to show that you understand the uncertainty we’re all facing right now – and what you’re doing to address it. 

For example, some businesses may be struggling with the UK government’s new rules around cyber security. What could you create to help them? 


4 – Use technology

Remember that sales technology is here to assist you in difficult situations. There are solutions to help you:

  • Pinpoint the right target prospects
  • Warm up leads with content before you contact them
  • Hit prospects with messages that resonate
  • Keep track of contacts
  • Identify areas for improvement – and much more

In times where every minute counts, and you want your salespeople having conversations with prospects as often as possible, technology can take care of those menial admin tasks that take up so much time. Don’t be afraid to invest in tech if you think it can help your salespeople make more (and more effective) calls.


5 – Create a sales machine

If you know what works when it comes to making sales, you need processes in place to ensure your sales team always does what works. We call this your sales machine.

Make sure you have the right people in the right seats; SDRs, AEs and customer success specialists that maximise opportunities at every stage of your buyer’s journey. Use playbooks to make sure your salespeople say the right things at the right time and always follow the process. Schedule regular coaching sessions with your salespeople to address any issues that may arise and keep them driving forward.

Having a set process (that works) maintains an element of normality that keeps you on track, even when uncontrollable events want to knock you off.

Remember, these are just basics that you should be doing anyway, but it never hurts to fine-tune your processes in uncertain times.


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Guillermo Gil de Avalle Bellido

Guillermo studied Business Management at the University of Granada, and later at the University of Edinburgh.

He always had a great passion for the world of entrepreneurship, participating in various conferences, events and even being the winner of the inter-university contest in his hometown. Today he brings his passion for product development into the SaaSLeads Academy

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