Kickstart your 2022 pipeline

Jan 18, 2022

Welcome to the new year! After a long break, it’s time to get that pipeline moving again – and we’ve got some great ideas. Let’s find out more.

In our previous article, which you can read here, we talked about how to reconnect with those prospects who told you before Christmas to call them back in January. It’s all great stuff, but to really supercharge your pipeline in 2022, SDRs like you have to go even further. It has to be more than just reaching out.

In this article, we’ll lay out five things you can do to take your pipeline to a new level. When you go above and beyond the norm, you can achieve outstanding results. Let’s go!


1 – Find those budgets

As much as ‘call me back in January’ is an effective, gentle brush-off from prospects to SDRs, so is ‘I don’t have the budget’. Well, now it’s January, there’s a good chance they do have the budget now, so they’ll have to either listen to what you have to say or think of a better way to brush you off!

Go through your CRM and create a list of everyone you spoke to last year who said they didn’t have any budget. Then, reach back out to them. Remind them who you are, tell them why you’re calling now, and find out their budget allocation for 2022. 

Your conversation last year (perhaps inadvertently) gave you an ‘in’. Restart the discussion and see what you can do to grab some of that new 2022 budget. 


2 – Work as a team

The life of an SDR can feel like a lonely one sometimes, especially if you’re working from home every day. But, you’re not alone. You have an entire team of people that can support you, if you just ask.

Start with the AE that you work with the most. Sit down with them and plan out how to be more effective with your target accounts. A joined-up approach works better than the lone wolf when it comes to big accounts. Also, there’s a good chance they’ve been an SDR in the past, so they may have some secret strategies that you haven’t picked up yet. 

You should also spend time talking with your fellow SDRs to get information on what is working for them when they’re on calls with prospects. When you exchange information in this way, the entire team improves.


3 – Show initiative

Following on from sitting down with your AE and fellow SDRs, you should also make some time to speak to your sales leaders. Find out their plans for 2022 and, where you can, offer to help. For example, if they’re thinking of broadening their scope into new markets, volunteer to be the SDR that prospects into that new market as a test.

If they agree, you’ll get the opportunity to make a name for yourself in your company and the wider industry. If nothing else, you get a helpful insight into the direction your company is moving. 

When you go the extra mile in this way, you show initiative and willingness. Trust me; your sales leaders will not forget it. Plus, you can bet no one else in your SDR team has thought of it (unless they’re reading this article too!).


4 – Smile for the camera

If you’re not already recording short videos to introduce yourself to prospects, where have you been? But don’t stop there. The great thing about video is that it boosts engagement at every stage of the buyers’ journey. It can even bring deals back from the dead.

Go through your CRM and create a list of deals that didn’t make it to the finish line last year. Then, record some videos where you try to restart the conversation and send them out to your list of lapsed prospects. You’ll be surprised at the response – and it could jolt some of these decision-makers back into life.

Record your videos in batches for extra speed and efficiency.


5 – Make it count

As we mentioned in our previous article on reconnecting with prospects in 2022, January is the time that many prospects will have new budgets to play with. As a result, their primary reason not to talk to you is eliminated and they’re more likely to be receptive to what you have to say. There’s every chance that one call can bring you into their plans. You don’t get this opportunity at other times in the year, so don’t pass it up.

This January, raise your activity level as high as you possibly can. Make more calls, record more videos, send more emails. Take advantage of the higher conversion rates than January brings and set yourself up for the rest of 2022.


Start as you mean to go on

The way you start January can set the tone for the rest of the year, so start it with a determination to learn, perform and succeed.

Who knows what opportunities await you?



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