• Teresa Lawlor photo

    Teresa Lawlor

    VP Marketing, Cloud Elements

    "professional, capable and determined to ensure that Cloud Elements remained invested in growing"
  • Aly Merritt photo

    Aly Merritt

    Head of Community, Salesloft

    "an exceptional affiliate partner of SalesLoft for the past year"
  • Caroline Tarpey photo

    Caroline Tarpey

    Director of Strategic Accounts, Cloud Elements

    "SaaSLeads brings incredible tenacity and vision to scaling business development teams"
  • John Murray photo

    John Murray

    Co-Founder, Shoppex

    "SaaSLeads has been instrumental to filling our pipeline."

Case studies


  • Omnipresent photo
    • Success rate 100%
    • star SDR hires 4
  • Springpod photo
    • Prospect calls per month 682
    • Average response rate 30%
  • CloudApps photo
    • Pipeline increase 20%
    • Number of high quality leads 2x
  • Cloud Elements photo
    • Q1 Lead Target Achieved 100%
    • Pipeline generated $1.7m

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