“Pizza Hut Studies” – the university courses you won’t believe are real!

May 20, 2022
Several of the team here at SaaSLeads have been attending university careers fairs searching for the next generation of SaaS SDRs. While we were there, we heard about courses as far removed from the traditional subjects as you can get. Eager to learn more, we did some research – and now we can announce our three most unbelievable (but true) university courses. 

1 – Pizza Hut Studies

In 2015, Manchester Metropolitan University announced a new business degree course where you dive deep into the tasty world of Pizza Hut. It sounds strange, but it makes perfect sense for aspiring service business leaders. After all, where better to learn about management, budgeting, team-building and leadership than one of the world’s biggest restaurant chains?

2 – Harry Potter and the Age of Illusion

Muggles need not apply to this Educational Studies course at Durham University, as this module is the next best thing to actually being at Hogwarts. Students get to learn more about JK Rowling’s best-selling series and its place in society, culture and education. For example, one part of the course focuses on prejudice and intolerance in the classroom, symbolised by the conflict between Slytherin and Gryffindor.

3 – Ethical Hacking

Teaching students how to find flaws in networks and hack their way into advanced computer systems? You might think that this degree course at Coventry University sounds like a recipe for disaster. But think again. The cybersecurity industry is booming right now, and if you’re going to stop the cybercriminals, you need to know how they do what they do.


You’ll often have to write a dissertation when you’re on a degree course. And for some students, it’s a chance to let their imaginations run wild. You won’t believe some of the dissertation titles that have actually been written, including:

– Sword swallowing and its side effects
– The possibility of unicorns
– The impact of wet underwear

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