SaaSLeads 1st birthday party

Nov 2, 2021

Last month we gathered from various corners across Europe in the centre of London to celebrate SaaSLeads first birthday and it was a night to remember. 

SaaSLeads began with one idea, to change sales through learning and help graduates get jobs. In one short year, we have had monumental growth and seeing the students graduate and excel in their careers has been a joy to watch. 

“It was amazing to have the SaaSLeads team, customers, students and alumni in one place – it made it all seem so much more real, and we were able to see the efforts of what we are doing come together, very memorable and happy moment in the history of SaaSLeads.” – Sonia Gonzalez Guillonneau, SDR Team Lead & Mentor, at SaaSLeads

The pandemic meant that we all worked from home and were unable to meet in person, making the event the first time some of us met in real life after working together for months – something I’m sure is a common topic for many of us. It was fantastic to bring everyone together and celebrate, as well as a great opportunity to network and meet new people.

“Having been remote for a year, it was incredible to see the number of students and customers that we’ve helped and it showed the impact we are having” – Jack Vesztrocy, SDR, at SaaSLeads

The Academy continues to grow and change, but the one thing that stays true is our passion to change lives and have a positive impact in the sales world.

”After 18 months of lockdown and working from home and making it to a year with 20+ employees, 10s of graduated students and lots of happy customers it was truly special to be part of the event in person.” – Chris Ritson, Co-Founder & COO at SaaSLeads

This was not only a day that showcased how far SaaSLeads has come since starting but was also a chance to thank everyone who supported SaaSLeads and has been a part of our journey so far  – thank you. 

Lena Miah

Lena is our Marketing Executive here at She is versed in all things marketing and loves creating thought provoking, inspirational, and informative pieces for the company. 

Lena was born and raised in London. She has a passion for all things words and completed a BA degree in Journalism at the University of Roehampton. 

When she isn’t keeping the company blog in tip top condition she can be found in a yoga class or checking out the London food scene, but if the food isn’t up to par she could bake it all herself. 

You can find Lena on LinkedIn here 

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