SaaSLeads partners with Women in Tech forum

May 6, 2022

We are delighted to announce our partnership with Women in Tech forum.

Women in Tech forum is a membership and coaching platform that helps women accelerate and grow their careers in tech. It was founded by Angie Vaux, a tech industry veteran of 20 years and winner of the ’10 Most Impactful Women in Tech 2021′.

SaaSLeads helps champion and support women on their tech sales career path and aims to provide students with the support to help them achieve their full potential, which made the partnership with Women in Tech a natural fit

Together, we will work towards promoting the empowerment and inclusion of more women represented in sales and tech and continue to support all our students when driving this conversation.

Thursday5thMay, our CEO, Will Koning and SDR Coach, Jazz Carlin, as well as SaaSLeads graduates Charlotte, Garth and Ola represented SaaSLeads at a networking event hosted by Women in Tech and InspiredBusinessMedia. This was an exciting opportunity to engage with senior HR leaders and women working in tech today and learn more about the opportunities and challenges they have experienced as well as learn more about how we can continue to drive the movement. 

Jazz Carlin, SDR Coach – “I attended my first Women in Tech forum dinner and I loved listening to all the incredible women and their stories and experiences. Really looking forward to seeing what this next chapter holds!”

Angie Vaux, Founder of Women in Tech forum – “Women are still a minority in the IT industry and we are delighted to partner with SaaSLeads to encourage more women into the industry and to equip them with the skills, confidence and network to help them build a successful career and optimise their full potential.”

Lena Miah

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