SaaSLeads Supports Ukraine in Team Away Day

Apr 14, 2022

The values and virtues that SaaSLeads follow are ingrained in how we behave from the first day of onboarding for each individual and one of these virtues is – We Pay Forward.

We try and do a few Company Away Days per year and for our latest one, we wanted to be different and incorporate this important virtue into the day. We didn’t want to do something “bougie” and materialistic, especially when we have fellow Europeans losing their lives in Ukraine. We wanted to do something that incorporated teamwork, was fun but had a greater good and impact on society!

So what did we do….

We went Apprentice-style and re-imagined the Shopping Task (for those who have seen the TV series). We split into 4 teams (each team named after a sales legend, those being: Zig Ziglar, Erica Feidner, Dale Carnegie and Mary Kay Ash). 

Each team was given £500, a shopping list and rules on how to win points. They had 6 hours to get as many items as possible on their list and post about their progress on social media and the team with the most points won the accolade of Away Day Champion. All the supplies and teams had to be back in the SaaSLeads HQ by 4pm otherwise they would be penalised!

This was not just any shopping list. We teamed up with the amazing, inspiring folks at Prosperity Cafe in Twickenham who have since the start of the war switched from running a cafe to becoming a centre for delivering humanitarian aid to Ukraine. This video was shown at the morning briefing to show the teams that although today was about fun, competition and teamwork – we were actually working towards a much more important mission!

The next 6 hours saw the teams hit the streets of London, all taking slightly different strategies to collect as many items as possible! 

Why Team Carnegie thought doing two separate trips down to Peckham in South London was an efficient strategy we’ll never know, but they did manage to get a load of free donations from a very kind manager at Boots.

Team Ash managed to get some great donations from a retailer in return for them labelling books.

Team Feidner was determined to be on time to avoid having points deducted but forgot their shopping list on the tube in the process. Ultimately, they lost a few points in the process and came second. 

Team Ziglar, the event winners, got all the event shopping items and their social selling strategy took them all the way up to 1st place.

Throughout the day, all the teams were using their networks on social media as well as customers, partners, friends and families all being incredibly generous as the team raised money for the same cause. It was a phenomenal effort that resulted in raising £2,300 in 6 hours which was more than enough to fund a lorry full of supplies to Ukraine. This money is being donated to British Ukrainian Aid which will in turn ensure this reaches Prosperity Cafe in Twickenham, London to fund the operation and lorries taking donated supplies to Ukraine’s people.

Thanks to ZipCar who donated a van for us to take all the hundreds of items including clothing, sanitary products, baby formula, non-perishable food items, toys and medicines across town to give directly to the amazing Prosperity Cafe team in Twickenham.


“This was not about SaaSLeads but instead about what can we do to help. We have employees and students in our Academy who are directly impacted by this awful war and it was no hardship for us to be able to take just one day out of our diaries for Ukraine. We know it is only a small gesture, but if this means a family in Ukraine receives something that helps them just a little bit to get through a day or feed them for a few meals then we know we have made some kind of positive difference and being able to support the  Prosperity Team in their mission was a huge honour”

David Burgess-Bellay, Head of Partnerships,

“Working with SaaSLeads was such a pleasure and we were delighted that they were able to raise thousands of pounds and provide a vanful of supplies for Ukraine. SaaSLeads team have put an innovative spin on collecting humanitarian aid for Ukraine by turning their company Away Day into an Apprentice-style competition – an inspiration for other businesses out there!”

Kristina Donauskyte, Lead Coordinator, Prosperity – Center for Humanitarian Aid for Ukraine.

David Burgess-Bellay

David leads our Partnerships ecosystem.

Having majored in Psychology in London, he has 20 years of experience leading sales, partnership and account management teams at large enterprise businesses from The Walt Disney Company, Trainline, Addison Lee and Just Eat.

Outside of building exciting Partnerships for us, he has a passion for travelling, food and cricket.

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