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Jun 9, 2021

Our training methodology is designed to be continuous – training should never stop, as learning doesn’t.”

The Background

The unique sales training methodology is based on hundreds of years of psychological and behavioural research, as well as current data and analytics into buyer behaviour and trends. 

We’ve utilised research specifically around human behaviour and communication, which in some cases is hundreds of years old. This forms the foundation of everything we teach and will always be part of our methodology as it fundamentally will not change. 

The Research

One thing about our methodology for enablement is the programme is built with psychological learning theories in mind.

Cognitive psychology is something most companies and sales teams don’t consider when building enablement plans – 5 learning theories here – all of which are incorporated to a degree in our learning journey for students.

We utilise data on what is working with buyers right now from reputable sources, such as Gong, Salesloft and Outreach, who utilise their customer base to produce trend analysis and data on up to date buyer behavioural information and intelligence. This forms the second, fluid part, of what we teach and overtime will change from a content perspective as trends in buyer behaviour change and are proven by our data sources. We will not change any content unless it is data backed from credible sources. 

Using a combination of both approaches therefore allows us to be confident that we can teach sales skills that are scalable and relevant to all sales people whilst being up to date with buyer behaviours across the market.

Final Thoughts

Our training methodology is designed to be continuous – training should never stop, as learning doesn’t. Day training or ‘one off’ training will unfortunately not be effective as a long term solution to sales team skill requirements as the market and buyer behaviour is constantly adapting and shifting. 

Chris Ritson

Hey, I’m Chris, COO and Co-Founder of I joined this business because I deeply care about people and making a difference in their lives, that’s my purpose and simply put its where I get my kicks in life. I also deeply care about sales so the opportunity to build a business that combines both people and sales is a win:win for me. 
I truly believe all people in work need both training and support to make them successful. I also believe it takes longer than a 2 hour, 3 stage interview process to fall in love with a business and know you’ll be there for a long time. This is a challenge candidates and in turn companies face consistently and it hurts them both in different ways. 
Training and learning can change how people do their roles but support is what will get them through the ups and downs of a career so if you are ready to be better tomorrow than you are today, come onboard! 

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