SDRs remain fundamental to B2B success

Aug 2, 2022
Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) can make a massive difference to the health and growth of your company. LinkedIn Talent Solutions states that SDRs specialise in finding and connecting your team members with “the right leads and business opportunities.” This shows that despite the tightening of budgets and current market challenges companies face, having a talented SDR team is more important than ever. 


Kill inefficiency and drive more stable outcomes

Commercial Sales Vice President, Josh Roth, ran a poll asking whether the SDR model is dead and found that 84% voted no. From his research, Roth stated that the SDR model was invented to kill inefficiency and drive more stable outcomes” which in turn eleminates two significant challenges that businesses and salespeople face: 
– The struggle to balance prospecting and sales results. 
– “Hero to Zero” – a fluctuation of performance from hitting the target to missing it by 50%. 


SDRs generate £2.5 million a year 

A good SDR increases team productivity and efficiency, which leads to increased revenue. The Bridge Group released their Sales Development (SDR) Metrics & Comp Report 2021, where they found that the median pipeline generated per SDR is £2.5 million ($3 million) annually. 
Operatix conducted a study across more than 500 companies over the past 10 years and found SDRs were “responsible for producing between 30 – 45% of the sales pipeline in B2B SaaS companies”. Operatix concluded that this highlights the SDR function is still extremely valuable, which makes sourcing and hiring well-trained SDRs very competitive. 


Increase businesses opportunities and hit quota  


Sourcing, connecting and developing the relationship with prospects takes time and resources – that’s where SDRs come in. Resourceful selling reported that a “sales team has a 56% greater chance to hit quota if they engage prospects before those buyers have to contact a seller.” SDRs are in control of the first steps in the sales cycle, finding and qualifying prospects and reaching out to the buyer early, sometimes before prospects recognise their new or changing needs can be vital.

A higher conversion rate

Converting a lead takes time and effort and having a lead follow-up process is the key to conversion. Garner found that the best revenue-driving companies have a sales development group to reach leads, overcome objections, make sure they are a fit and connect them to sales teams”. They observed that organisations with SDR teams convert leads to opportunities at an exponentially higher rate than those that did not. 


Boost brand awareness 

Here at SaaSLeads we previously researched how SDR teams make high-performance companies achieve more through creating value for the prospect and found that “SDRs boost your brand in your prospect’s mind in a way that a quota-carrying salesperson cannot.
In addition to prospecting and qualifying, “SDRs can spend more time handling the social media aspect of sales” and social selling, so other members of the team have more capacity. Sales teams with an SDR have more opportunities to build rapport, present, negotiate and close. 


Get ahead of the competition

The role of the SDR “merges well with marketing and sales and puts companies ahead of the competition” says Lorraine Ferguson, author of The Unapologetic Saleswoman. SDR teams help bridge the gap between sales and marketing by opening the lines of communication so both teams can figure out what works and what doesn’t. Well-trained SDRs are good at collating data and tend to have insights about ideal accounts, which helps marketing develop messages and campaigns. 
A good conversion rate from marketing leads is “30% from lead-to-opportunity” and SDRs are able to reach out to these leads and send qualified leads that are ready to talk to the sales team. Smartbug Media found that when marketing provided high-quality leads and sales connects with those leads, “businesses tend to succeed in achieving their growth goals”.


SDR Training

Garner stated that “SDR training is often the missing link for the success of an SDR team”. At the SaaSLeads Academy, we train SDRs in the fundamental tools needed to successfully outreach. 
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