Smash your sales targets

Jan 26, 2022

You can’t smash your quota without thorough planning, a positive mindset and massive action. But how do you combine it all and achieve success? 

Did you know that only 24% of salespeople outperformed their quota last year? Assuming those targets are achievable, this stat signifies that salespeople aren’t doing enough things right. 

If you’re an salesperson, you’ll know that it’s hard to beat your quota, but you’ll also know that you get out what you put in. If you can work smarter, pivot to what works and (perhaps most importantly) perform consistently, there’s no reason you can’t smash your targets. 

In this article, we’ll look at seven things you can do to make sure that you take the victory home this quarter.


1 – Maintain your pace all day long

How many times have you got to your desk at 9 o’clock on a mission to blitz the phones today, but by 11, you’re chatting with your colleagues or scrolling through Instagram? Don’t worry; we’ve all been there!

The thing is all about keeping that sense of urgency going while managing your time in a way that you don’t burn out. Try to structure your day so you batch different tasks, including hitting the phones, composing emails and recording videos. That way, you can work fast but still keep it interesting.  


2 – Question everything

Your target is your minimum expected level of achievement. To smash your target, you need to go beyond what is expected. The best way to do this is to cultivate a sense of curiosity in everything you do.

Go into everything trying to find out more, whether it’s in your organisation, with your customers or even from yourself. When you ask the right questions, you get the answers you need to be successful.


3 – Know your ‘why’

Why do you come to your desk at 9 o’clock and hammer the phones until 5 (or later)? We all have our reasons. 

For most salespeople, it’s to make money. But why do you need that money? Is it for something you really want, like a car or a holiday? Or perhaps it’s to support your family? Or maybe you’re on a mission to help people get what they want out of life, or you just love making connections?

Whatever it is, when you work out in your own mind why you’re there, it’s much easier to stay motivated and maintain your resilience. 


4 – Research smarter

Some SDRs will spend so much time researching their prospects before they call that they can’t make enough calls in a day. While research is vital for the basics, you can find out much more about a prospect during a conversation than you can on Google or LinkedIn.

Use your research time to make sure the prospect is someone in your target industry and that your product can provide them with value. If you can find out what technologies they are already using and who else they work with, so much the better, but you can fill in those blanks when you speak with them.

Never use research as a reason not to be on the phone. 


5 – Don’t panic

If you’re struggling to make your target, it’s easy to get fixated on the wrong outcomes. Remember, your prospects can sense your desperation on the phone – and it’s unlikely to get you the meeting (or whatever result you need).

Always approach a call with a client as a chance to:

  • Have a conversation where you find out more about them
  • Work together to find a way you can help them
  • Figure out when the best time to call them again might be
  • Get a referral to someone else who might be worth talking to
  • Build a relationship as a trusted advisor rather than a salesperson

Putting on the hard sell rarely works when you’re an SDR. Success comes when you play the long game.


6 – Grow your network (then use it)

One of the great things about being a salesperson in 2022 is that it’s never been easier to make connections. LinkedIn has made it simple to locate anyone you want to have a conversation with, with the added bonus that you can see if you have any mutual connections.

Never miss an opportunity to make a connection with someone, as you never know who they know and how you might be able to help each other in the future. Make introductions on other people’s behalf if they ask you to, then when you need something from them, they’ll be only too happy.

You should also use your network to connect with other SDRs. Don’t see your fellow SDRs as competitors. Instead, look at them as sources of support, as well as insight into what’s working right now. Who knows, they could even be future colleagues?


7 – Experiment and iterate

In sales, what works today may not work tomorrow. You should always look for new things to try and new ways to improve. Even when you’re doing well against your target, you should always strive for more. The best time to progress is from a position of strength. 

Talk to your network about different approaches that they’re using to get more from their prospects. Listen to call recordings and see how the A-players do it. Be the first in your team to embrace new technologies; you never know what a difference tech can make.

Finally, keep a constant eye on all your numbers. Your numbers will give you a signal that something needs to change before anything else. For example, if you can see the number of calls you make is dropping, you know you need to make more. On the other hand, if the metrics show that video is cutting through with prospects, double down on video.


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