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Teresa Lawlor

VP Marketing, Cloud Elements

I started at Cloud Elements in June and was introduced (via Zoom) to Will @ SaaSLeads, who was consulting for us in Europe. He struck me as very professional, capable and determined to ensure that Cloud Elements remained invested in growing in the UK and Europe.

As a marketer, I’m reliant on plenty of feedback and collaboration from sales leadership and Will and SaaSleads exemplifies this. When Will came to visit in Denver he came to me and said: “We want this tradeshow in September to be a huge success and with my strategy, we will book 50 meetings. Can you help us?” We all thought that he was crazy as this is a huge undertaking but they did it – delivering $3 million in the pipeline in under a week at the show.

To make this happen, a tedious amount of work was done beforehand:

SaaSLeads completely rewrote all of our core messaging to align with senior executive banking personas.

They built 7 different persona cadences in Salesloft and tracked them all with GANT charts for visibility.

They organized all event logistics ensuring our CEO, CPO, technical director, and senior account executives had a very productive time while visiting London.

In addition, he organized an executive dinner which was fully attended and helped accelerate mature opportunities along the pipeline. The feedback from our C-suite was nothing but positive.

Since then, we’ve had SaaSLeads share best practices with our BDRs in the US. In fact, using their tactics, one campaign resulted in 27 booked meetings and one of our reps realized $2 million in sales pipeline from that work. As a bonus, when Will was in Denver he represented Cloud Elements as a speaker for a well-received Salesloft event. The audience was very interested and engaged with his topic.

On a more personal note, Will and the team are fun to work with, great team players – Will gets on well with C-level executives to BDRs – and is very dedicated to his craft. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his company to any business looking to grow its pipeline activities. In fact, we’ve renewed and expanded SaaSleads contract for this year and are looking forward to a prosperous 2020.


Aly Merritt

Head of Community, Salesloft