‘They throw you in the deep end at SaaSLeads Academy. But in a good way!’

Nov 12, 2020

SaaSLeads Academy gives raw sales talent a kickstart in the industry. We talked to someone who is going through the programme right now. Meet Torron Iveson.

Torron Iveson

Academy Graduate

Torron Iveson has just completed the SaaSLeads Academy programme, learning how to be a success in SaaS sales by actually doing it every day. We sat down with Torron to talk about how it’s going so far.

Drawn to the industry

Hi Torron. Thanks for sitting down with us. Let’s start at the beginning. What made you start at the SaaSLeads Academy? Was sales always something you wanted to do?

I’d been looking to get started in SaaS sales for about a year and a half. It’s funny – growing up, I’d never thought about sales. The opposite, in fact. I always thought sales had a bit of a stigma attached to it. But when one of my friends started in SaaS sales and I could see how well he was doing, I changed my mind.

I knew from my friend that if you did well in sales, the financial rewards were there, as were the opportunities to progress. But for me, I always need a day-to-day challenge. I’m dedicated to sport and super competitive. I need to attack every day. I could see that SaaS sales would give me that challenge.

I heard about SaaSLeads and the Academy and thought it sounded interesting. I applied and got the place. For the interview, Will (Will Koning, SaasLeads Founder) asked me to go away and research the industry, then record a prospecting video and write a sales email. Then we sat down and went over it, looking at what was good, and what wasn’t. I found out later that what I did at my interview would be super relevant later.

The Academy

What was the SaaSLeads Academy like? Be honest!

It’s a three-month programme and I just finished it, and it’s been excellent.

The first week is heavy training. Will gives you a lot of material to go over, from him as well as other prominent people in the industry like Josh Brown and John Barrows. We heard from guest lecturers – current SDRs, as well as sales leaders from companies like SalesLoft, Cognism and Tessian. It gives you a real taste of what sales is like right now.

After my first week in the Academy, Will said I was ready to go live on the phone with prospects, selling for RemiTech. I was eager to get going and immediately loved it. The programme throws you in at the deep end, but in a good way! For me, doing it is the best way to learn. Plus, there was always help if I needed it.

If I had to pinpoint the three main skills I’ve learned so far, it would be:

  • Resilience – objections are going to come, so you need to know how to deal with them in your mind
  • Confidence – you’ve got to believe in yourself and what you’re saying
  • Curiosity – it’s essential to understand a prospect’s needs and pains

Of course, we had to do it all remotely, but that wasn’t a problem. Will and Brian (Brian Meta, Head of Sales) were always there to help and support me if I needed them. That said, I can’t wait to finally get to do this in an office, where I can overhear how other people sell.

The future

So, do you think sales is going to be a career for you?

Yes, definitely. I’ve just finished the SaaSLeads program and started working with RemiTech as their first SDR. My ambition is to be a success for them and grow out the SDR team, become an AE and eventually a sales leader.

I don’t see why not.

Thanks Torron. Final question. What has been the best part of your SaaSLeads Academy experience so far?

It has to be booking my first meeting. I actually booked an appointment from the first outbound email I ever sent. For a short while, I had a 100% record in sales!

It was a pretty surreal feeling – a mixture of total elation and a bit of relief. The great thing at the Academy is, we celebrate each other’s successes and support each other through the rejections. I’d certainly recommend the SaaSLeads Academy to anyone who wants to start a sales career.


Will Koning

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