Turn your cold outreaches scorching hot and increase responses rates

Feb 2, 2022

Whether it’s over email or LinkedIn or on the good old phone, follow our guide to get better conversion rates from your cold outreach. Let’s find out more.

Raising conversion rates is the goal for all SDRs. When you work in a ‘sales machine’ with multiple steps, even a tiny uplift at the start of the process can make a massive difference at the end. Plus, you’ll earn more commission.

In this article, we’ll look at how you can raise your response rates across three different channels – email, LinkedIn and the phone. Let’s go!


1 – Email

Since most of us are working remotely now, there’s more email jamming up your prospects’ inboxes than ever before. When your prospects check their emails, they’re looking to see what they need to deal with right now and what they can delete without even reading. Most of the time, sales emails will fall in the ‘never read’ category; so, if you’re cold-emailing prospects, you really need to cut through.

Start with the subject line. You need to keep it super short as your prospect might be reading on their phone where it only shows around nine words. Liz Meisel, one of our recent guest speakers, told us she finds success with one-word subject lines!

If your subject line is enough to get a click, the next thing they’ll see is your opening lines. Here’s where you need to connect and show value using as few words as possible. The one essential thing you need to do is be personal. A generic copy-and-paste job won’t cut it anymore. Research your prospect before you write your email so you can tailor it to their needs rather than talk about yourself and your product. Have a clear call to action. Make it clear what they need to do next and what’s in it for them if they do it.

Finally, don’t give up after one email. Keep trying and look for new angles that will resonate. Don’t be afraid to experiment with no approaches. Be scientific about it, and A/B test your emails so you can find out what works and what doesn’t.


2 – LinkedIn

In many ways, LinkedIn makes your life as an SDR so much easier. It puts everyone you could ever want to speak to – and all of their personal information – in one place, simple to locate. It even gives you a choice of ways to reach out.

On the other hand, it means that every SDR in the world is on there trying to make connections. It’s extremely hard to stand out from the noise and build genuine relationships on LinkedIn. 

If you want to find success on LinkedIn, you should first try to come across as someone prospects actually want to speak to. Get your profile right, but don’t make it about you. Instead, use your profile to show potential customers how you can help them. If you can do that using your headline, so your prospect doesn’t have to open your entire profile page, so much the better. 

Next, start participating on LinkedIn; write posts, share valuable content, comment on other people’s posts with insight. All this helps build your personal brand.

Now, it’s time to start making connections and getting responses. Here are some approaches you can take:

  • Video – Creating short LinkedIn videos is a great way to get your personality across to your prospects. Be as personal as you can and use a little humour if you can
  • Voice notes – Voice messages on LinkedIn can be very effective. Keep it to less than a minute – get in, say what you have to say and get out. Again, be ultra-personal
  • Connections – If your profile is good and you’ve already built up a personal brand on LinkedIn, there’s more chance that a prospect will want to connect with you
  • Messages – Instant messages on LinkedIn are easy to ignore, but if you’re fast, personal and lead with value, you can stand out from the crowd


3 – Phone

Prospecting over the phone is the hardest approach to master, but it’s also the most effective when you get it right. Let’s face it; it’s hard to even get through to prospects these days, let alone win them over if you do get hold of them. You can’t delete a phone call and start again like you can with an email!

Firstly, before you call, do some research to make sure you can actually help this prospect and start to formulate a plan of what to say. Be as well-prepared as you can.

When you eventually get through, be confident, direct and respectful. Lead with value, handle objections positively (this should be part of your preparation) and be clear about the next steps you want your prospect to take. Above all, make the call about your prospect and what they want, not you and your agenda. Today’s buyers hate to feel like they’re being qualified using a list like BANT or MEDDIC, so if you’re doing that, you have to be more subtle.

Finally, don’t give up if you don’t get through. On average, it takes eight calls before you get to speak to a prospect. Meanwhile, if you don’t think the call has gone well, don’t feel like you’ve missed your chance. You can always look for another way to provide value to your prospect. Even if your call did go well, make sure you follow up to cement the relationship.


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