Weird and wonderful work from home setups!

May 27, 2022

The weird, the wonderful, the brilliant. Work set-ups that you wish you came up with.


Therapy sessions in a shower

When in-person appointments became difficult to fulfil during the pandemic, many non-essential businesses had to shut their doors. Therapist, Juliet M. Ross, took a creative approach when finding a private space to work and utilised her shower, transforming it into her very own home office, by hanging a tablecloth behind her to make the background visually appealing and found the shower echo was perfect for video calls. 

Ross' bathroom-turned-office setup. Julie M. Ross

No desk. No problem. 

Working from the top of your recycle bin 

Who said you have to work from inside your home. Josh Matteo posted on Twitter his work from home setup that made Twitter users double glace when he posted a photo of his standing desk in the form of a recycle bin. Adam Ullman, a Twitter user replied “Great standing desk hack for home! You get outside as well!” The moral of the story is? Get outside. Get some fresh air and if you’re short of a desk – no worries. That’s what recycle bins are for. 

Josh Mateo Twitter page 

Hammock Computing!

Feel like you’re on holiday while you’re working by setting up a hammock your the back garden. This is a highly ergonomic way of working that aligns your joints in quite neutral positions. In particular, your neck can be fully relaxed because the screen is above your head getting rid of any neck pain caused by traditional working setups.

mgsloan blog

The travelling standing desk

Digital nomad, Evelyn shares, travels the world accompanied by standing desk tucked at the back of her SUV. Shares shares her working and travelling tips and how she sets up and breaks down her standing desk in less than 20 minutes, and praises her standing desk for enabling her to travel freely while working remotely. 

Evelyn Ehares YouTube channel 

There is an abundance of work from home set ups that will take you away from your dining room table and towards a hammock, but the main thing is you have a safe and comfortable space. Indeed highlights that it all starts from with your laptop or computer

For SaaSLeads students we enable a safe space where they’re able to learn without obstacles. If you want to chat about starting your tech sales career in the conform of your own house come say hi below. 

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