Why a career in sales isn’t as bad as some people think

Sep 9, 2021

It’s time to eliminate the stigma around working in sales and celebrate it as a great career path. Let’s find out more.

Yesterday, we were privileged to have Todd Laurence speak to us as part of our Guest Speaker LinkedIn Live series. Todd is a professor and sales expert from the US, and one of the topics he talked about was how lucky we are to work in the sales industry. Sales is a brilliant industry to work in, where you can develop skills that will serve you your whole life, and achieve great things no matter where you come from. 

However, there is still a (totally unjustified) stigma around sales that puts young people off joining the sector. In this article, we’ll look at why sales is a terrific career for young people to follow. Let’s go.


The traditional image of sales

There’s no point in ignoring it; sales as a stigma around it, and it’s been there for years. When you talk to people outside the industry about sales, the first image that comes into their head is often a slick, Donald Trump-style used car salesman who’ll tell you anything to get a deal and leave you with a substandard product. Even though there are (thankfully) very few of those characters in the industry in 2021, sales still has a bad name. 

As a result, talented young people are put off from becoming salespeople, even though there are some fantastic benefits. Young people who might be great salespeople join other professions such as law, banking or IT instead. 

Of course, it’s possible that these talented people are scared to make cold calls, or they don’t back themselves to work for a low basic and big commission that rewards results. Either way, they’re not joining the industry.


Benefits of working in sales

What those people don’t realise is that working in sales brings a raft of benefits. Here are some of them:

  • Skills for life – When you learn how to sell, you develop skills that last a lifetime and can take you anywhere. You’ll learn to build relationships, speak persuasively and negotiate hard. Even if you don’t stay in sales for your whole career, those skills will serve you well
  • Financial benefits – In sales, you’re typically paid a basic salary, then a commission based on your results. This means your earnings are potentially unlimited, and you get out what you put in. It’s no surprise that companies’ highest-paid staff members are often their best salespeople
  • You can plot a career – Good salespeople are hard to find, so if you work hard and produce results, your company will reward you. You have the potential to progress to a high level in your organisation. Also, your sales skills are transferable to other industries. Every company you can think of has a sales team
  • It’s fun – Working in sales is always exciting and interesting. You’ll make connections that will last for years and open doors in your career. Plus, there are few highs in work like closing a deal!
  • You’ll never be unemployed – Organisations always need salespeople. If you can demonstrate a track record of being able to sell, you’ll always be sought after in the job market


Opportunities for young people

Another benefit of working in sales, which is highly relevant to young people, is that you don’t necessarily need a university education to join the industry.

Going to university brings many benefits, but it also costs tens of thousands of pounds. Young people who don’t have the resources or don’t want to spend such a large amount of money can become salespeople and not find themselves at a disadvantage. 

School leavers seeking quicker and more affordable paths to employment could find the sales industry fruitful, especially as universities adapt to address the needs of the current job market, such as cyber security, data analysis and software development.


Busting myths

But what about that stigma, that image of the used car salesman? If the sales industry can’t erase that picture, how can it compete for the best and the brightest?

The fact is, sales is actually the opposite of that image. When you work in sales, you don’t become a deal-maker; you become a problem solver. Your job is to help people find solutions to the issues keeping them up at night, whether that’s a piece of software, advertising space, a2005 Honda or anything else.

You also perform a valuable role in your company. After all, if no one sells anything, you don’t have a business. A company’s salespeople are their closest link to their customer base – their eyes and ears on the ground that provide almost instant feedback on what’s working and what isn’t.


There’s never been a better time

If you’re a young person thinking about joining the sales industry, the good news is there’s never been a better time to learn to sell.

One reason is that during the COVID-19 pandemic, most of us suddenly became home workers. This required companies to buy in large amounts of software to enable communication, keep everyone productive and continue to drive business forward. Even now, as we emerge from the shadow of COVID, companies are keeping their workers at home or introducing hybrid working schedules. This means SaaS software is an area that will continue to boom – and SaaS companies are hiring salespeople at unprecedented levels.


SaaSLeads.io – Sales and proud

It’s time to raise the profile of the sales industry and be proud of what we do. We need to spread the word and promote it as the brilliant career opportunity that we know it is. Then, we can attract young people with great potential. 

At SaaSLeads.io, we recruit, develop and deliver SDRs to your organisation, ready to produce excellent results in your sales team. 

Our extensive training programme teaches SDRs to generate excitement around the impact your product brings. They learn how to move your prospects through a structured sales process that leads to more won deals. Then, when they get to your company, they’re ready to produce unparalleled results. 

To find out more, contact us by filling out the form below.

Torron Iveson

Torron is a SDR Team Lead & Coach here at SaaSLeads.io. He was one of our first Graduates from the Academy and was so impressive that we couldn’t let him leave!

Torron has been a key member in building our 2021 Academy and has proved to be a vital source to identify how we create an Academy that best delivers for both our students and customers. He is particularly skilled in the prospecting of opportunities and developing effective communication cadence campaigns.

Torron lives in Sutton and has a law degree from Canterbury Christ Church University. He is a passionate football fan, is constantly trying to create viral posts on LinkedIn (one success to date) and hosts his own podcast due for release in the summer of 2021.

Follow him on LinkedIn here

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