Why we founded SaaSLeads – Jon Bratton CRO & Co-Founder

Feb 11, 2022

Looking back at the companies I’ve worked with over the last twenty years, I’ve noticed a common thread. 

It runs through the start-ups, the scale-ups, and the large enterprises. It’s always there hiding in plain sight.

Businesses don’t know how to onboard and ramp sales people well. 

This is true of Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) too. In fact, the problem is even more acute for those starting out in their sales career. 

We’ve all been there at one time or another, especially in the early days of our careers. You’ve memorised the entirety of a company’s website before an interview, all the product features and value prop. The hiring manager liked your stories enough to follow their hunch and offer you the job and you land an exciting new opportunity. 

Then your first day arrives and you realize there’s a mountain ahead. 

You’re trained on the ins and outs of the product – features, roadmap, value drivers, perhaps. If you’re lucky, you might even be taught about ideal customer profiles and get pointed towards a sales playbook.

If you landed yourself in a company that ticked all those boxes, you’re in the lucky 30% but that’s still not enough. 

Because for people starting out in sales, this kind of training and a LinkedIn licence can only go so far. 

Ask any salesperson, sales manager or CRO what their biggest challenge is, and I bet none of them will say it’s memorising the value prop. Chances are they’ll all say it’s booking meetings and building pipeline. 

What we really need is skills-based training otherwise sales will always have an artificial barrier to entry and be sink or swim. 

The sink-or-swim status quo doesn’t work for either side. If good people with strong potential are not trained with the appropriate skills, the young professional may turn their back on sales after a knock to their confidence while the employer experiences the rigmarole of churn; that vacuum of time, resources and pipeline. 

This is perpetuating sales’s bad reputation, but things are beginning to change – there’s another way. There’s a groundswell of people waking up to the true art and science of sales. A career that can be challenging and rewarding, that can offer meaning and fulfilment. 

Rather than a job so many people just stumble into, schools and universities should be putting sales forward as a vibrant and desirable career path. 

That’s why we built SaaSLeads.io. To offer young professionals a structured, purposeful path into sales as a career while changing the way the world thinks about the sales profession. 

And we’re doing this by providing opportunities:

  • For people to get sponsored to train. 
  • For businesses to make hiring decisions off real performance data and cultural fit. 

As chief revenue officer, I’m hoping to instil within others a wonderful thing I was lucky enough to find all those years ago: a career in sales. 

Enough looking back, here’s to the future of sales. 

If you are interested in finding out more please contact Jon at jon@saasleads.io

Jon Bratton

Jon Bratton is Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer here at SaaSLeads. He is passionate about offering young professionals a structured, purposeful start to their careers whilst changing the way the world thinks about Sales.


With over 20 years of sales experience, across startups to enterprise, with the likes of Microsoft, Snowflake and Domo, it is safe to say Jon knows his stuff.

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