Will Koning, SaaSLeads Co-Founder, on the past week

Sep 27, 2021

Last week was an amazing week for three main reasons and I wanted to take the opportunity to reflect, appreciate it and thank you all for being a part of the SaaSLeads journey.  


Salesloft partnership 

Firstly, we announced that Salesloft and SaaSLeads are official partners – how exciting! 

Not only will we be recommending Salesloft to all of our customers, but Salesloft will also be recommending SaaSLeads for sourcing the best SDRs.

SalesLoft has been instrumental in my success from the start and I made it compulsory for all students at the SaaSLeads Academy to become certified Saleloft users, as I truly believe it is a must-have software for companies.  

This felt like a natural partnership. 


SaaSLeads first birthday 

We celebrated our first birthday with a massive party, where I had the pleasure of meeting the lifeblood of the organisation – our current Academy students and our graduates. I got to see how many of their lives were positively impacted by the Academy and it made what we’re doing at SaaSLeads real. 

I also got to meet some of our customers, who are the people who have made all of this possible.


SaaSLeads team away day

Last Friday we held a company team away day, where I got to meet our great SaaSLeads team in person after months of working remotely and we had an amazing day, where we got to hang out and have fun. 

We had an awesome scavenger hunt, where everyone was in teams and ran around London tracking down various items and completing tasks, including eating jellied eels. It gave us the chance to work as a team in real life, be curious and further our bond. 


Signing off 

Last week showcased the SaaSLeads virtues and values that we live by from being curious and authentic, to having fun. 

SaaSLeads is going in some serious direction as we change sales through education and I would once again like to thank everyone that’s involved in our community.

I can’t wait to see you all again for even bigger and better occasions in the future. 

Will Koning

He has worked in some of the UK’s most successful start-ups in the UK over the last 10 years.

He is passionate about Sales and disruptive Technology. In particular, elevating the Sales development industry in the UK to new levels.

Outside of work, Will spends his time split between London and Folkestone in Kent where you’re likely to find him sampling English beers and walking his dog by the sea,

Follow him on LinkedIn here

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